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The author sticking his nose into it in Steamboat, CO.

Before you find out more about the author of this site, you have to scroll past a few pictures of him, like this one, taken in Steamboat, CO. USA. Note the stylish facial hair. Thanks to Scott of the ski patrol for telling us where to ski that day.

Kjeragbolten; Kjerag, Lysefjorden, Rogaland, Norway.

Kjeragbolten – evidence that Moder Nature has an eye for visual effects. And yes, it’s yours truly on top of that boulder. Should I fall, there’s a vertical free fall of 241 meters plus a 735-meter tumble down the talus below to the shore of Lysefjorden.

Hi, I’m Hakan Nyberg and I’m the guy behind this site.
As I travel quite a bit, people often ask me things like Where should I stay when in New York? or Where to go on a safari? or Can you tell me about a hotel in Tokyo, where I can afford to stay without first selling my children?
While flattered to get these questions, I often found it hard to be available for a swift response. Therefore I decided to create a space where the answers would be available, hence this site. This is just a thing I do for fun. Sometimes I post a little. Sometimes I post some more. And if you find it worth coming here and read my stuff, you make it worth my time.
On this site you will ONLY find places where I’ve stayed myself, restaurants where I’ve actually had a meal or place I’ve visited. Reviews are unbiased and represent my opinion and nobody else’s. And naturally, I pay my own bills. Freebies or promotional stuff won’t make it into here. That’s how old-fashioned I am.

All the best,

:: h ::

LEGAL NOTE: All rights reserved. This goes for both text and all images © Håkan Nyberg, 2007-2014. And I’ll defend my immaterial rights using legal force if necessary. No kidding.

The author surrounded by a lot of broccoli.

In this pic I’m sweating in the rainforest of the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park in the Central African Republic. A really special place. With gorillas. And forest elephants. And sweat bees. (PHOTO: Lasse Burell, see www.burell.se for more of his work)

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  1. Hej,
    I find your postings very helpful and informative. I have stayed at the Hudson myself and the overall stay was spectacular-the room and entire experience. If any of your other suggestions mirror the Hudson, I would definitely be inclined to travel and stay there. :)

  2. Håkan,
    det är så underhållande att följa din blogg. Ett par gånger i veckan sitter jag med en stor kopp kaffe och ett lika stort leende läser igenom de senaste. Love it!!
    Ha det så fortsatt trevligt ute i vida världen och håll oss uppdaterade.
    Big hug from the girl on the block, Amanda

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your reviews. I am planning a trip to the FL Keys and your hotel opinions were very helpful.
    Best regards & bon voyage !

  4. Hi Hakan,
    thank you for this site, very useful and interesting. I do have a suggestion: could you not put in the actual prices you paid in each location? Since pockets vary it would make it easier to have an idea of what is “pricey” or not, even if the rating is good. Certainly a good experience is priceless, but unfortunately wallets are very prosaic things…
    I’ve just spent a couple of nights in the Story hotel in Stockholm, which I found before reading your blog. We stayed in a smaller room, but everything else was just as you said: trendy, friendly (even when travelling with a child) and a decente quality/cost rapport.
    Buon viaggio!
    Moira, from Italy

  5. Hi Moira,

    I am happy that you’ve found my itsy-bitsy site useful. In fact that kind of response is what keeps me going! I can definitely see that price would be a useful piece of info, which would make planning easier.

    The simple reason why I’ve left the price info out is because the market is a rather crazy place. It seems to be easier to keep track of NASDAQ these days and to give you even a ballpark figure, is quite hazardous.

    But I promise that I will look into the topic. Maybe I can invent a little system with price brackets? If successful I will add such information in the future – the I’ll even go backwards in time and insert as many prices as I can find.

    Again, thanks for the input! I’m also glad that you liked the Story Hotel as much as I did.

    All the best,

    :: hakan ::

  6. Thank you very much for the useful blog! I have used your tips a few times now, and they are really helpful. I specially appreciate that all the reviews are done by yourself – in many magazines or guide books they could be written by any author.

    So keep up the good work – I have recommended your blog to several friends now!

    Best regards


  7. Wow. Den absolut bästa bloggen jag någonsin läst. Har läst alla inlägg i sträck nu och vill bara ha MER!!!

    Ville bara säga tack och hoppas du fortsätter länge till!

  8. Hey! It is a great pleasure to write to you. I had already discovered your website from the review on Sigtuna Stadshotell (which really tipped me to choose Villa Anna at Uppsala instead – a very wise choice!). I just returned from Norway where one of the nights was at the Storfjord hotel. And just about to write in the guestbook, I saw your comments. So decided to write you.

    I think your taste is very solid although I do not completely agree with it (I would give the Storfjord a bit more than 3 stars. Weeeell, it does have problems in the kitchen as you said and the bathroom I find less than inspiring.). But speaking of cuisine, I was hm, unpleasantly surprised by the food in Norway. Terrible service and questionable food. To be honest, the biggest rip off was at the Union Oye hotel. I’m still banging my head for going there – although it had some excellent bits of history inside its corridors. But seeing the same wine-stained table clothes out from the previous horrible dinner to breakfast is not a pleasant sight. Not at this fame and price of the hotel. Going back to Sweden was wonderful – the Salt & Sill Hotel with finally food and accommodation matching the surroundings. A great service.

    I am currently in Uppsala where I will be for two months. I am 23 but already traveled to 41 countries. Resting a bit now before I hit Asia in the winter.

    It’s been a pleasure reading your website. Keep up the good work, buddy! Perhaps we’ll see one day somewhere around the planet.

    Best wishes,
    Yuri, Sofia, Bulgaria

  9. Hey Hakan

    I really enjoy your reviews, I write something similar myself and it’s always great to get another honest point of view and some inspiration for my next trip. If you get a moment I was hoping you could give me a recommendation for somewhere fancypants to eat (lunch or dinner) in Stockholm on Christmas Day. You look like a man with good taste.


  10. Hi Riya,

    glad you enjoy the little stupid hobby of mine that is Guidebook.se. When it comes to finding somewhere to eat in Stockholm on Christmas Day, the options are pretty limited.

    There’s one restaurant, the Sturehof, that will keep its doors open 365 days per year and it’s not a bad choice. I truly enjoy this place; both for food and for atmosphere. However, it’s not a place that wins international awards. It’s a brasserie, altough with an ambitious kitchen and it’s a very busy place.

    There’s more on their website, (check the press section for images): http://www.sturehof.com/homeeng


    :: h ::

    PS. Please, bear with me and I’ll try to find some alternatives.

  11. Thanks Hakan, that sounds like a great option. I had a sneaking suspicion you nordic types would celebrate wildly on Christmas Eve making Christmas Day a bit of a hard task. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. If you think of anything else you can email me, just so your “About me” column doesn’t turn into a column about, well, me.

    Happy travels


  12. Mycket läsvärd blogg. Men har det hänt något? Det var ett tag sedan senaste inlägget!? Läser lite resebloggar till och från och det är alltid lika skoj att komma in och se nya bilder och nya resmål som bloggarna har besökt. Man får ju en helt annan syn på resor när man får lite mer inblick i hur mer erfarna resenärer har det.

    Personligen har jag bokat första resan till New York och kommer åka mitt i sommaren. Kan starkt rekommendera http://www.hyrboende.se/ för privata New York-bostäder. Lite tryggare än Blocket…

    Men fortsätt skriv! – Jag tror det är några stycken som saknar dina inlägg.


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