Island of Siankaba, Zambezi River, Zambia, ***

Island of Siankaba, Zambezi River, Zambia, ***

Island of Siankaba, Zambezi River, Zambia, decks and bridges

An interesting way to see Africa. A rather colonial approach, if you ask me.

A little boat trip out on the Zambezi river ended on a tiny island, (or rather, a river bank), where our butler started to set up chairs before serving the drinks.

So you’re waking up at 5:42 AM.
The first rays of sun are finding their way through the vegetation on the Island of Siankaba at the north bank of the river Zambezi. It sounds like the entire bush is trying to get into the tent. Aaah yes, you’re staying in a tent, or at least a half-tented chalét, (it’s a house up to your waist), therefore you are in closer contact with the surroundings.
I slept with the side open. Double mosquito net kept mammals, reptiles and insects away. I can’t really recall ever waking up with the same feeling in a regular tent. It should be noted, that this is no regular tent. It comes with a continental mattress, twin sinks in the bathroom, flushing toilet, shower and a Victorian bathtub standing on lion’s feet and all.

You need a boat to get to this lodge.
On two islands in the Zambezi river, 38 kilometers upstream from the Victoria Falls, this lodge has been built with the aid of South African investors. The islands are connected by a suspended footbridge. But it won’t be crowded. The maximum number of sleeping guests is twelve.
You’re landing at the main building where all dinners and afternoon tea is served. Next to it you’ll find the bar and the pool and your hosts, Mark and Tanya. They are both from South Africa and they surely work hard to make you feel like home. Sometimes a little too hard. A glimpse of a lizard or a velvet monkey is enough for them to go ‘Amaaaazing!’ or more commonly ‘Aaaawesome!’

The perfect location for newly weds?
It’s located between the Chobe National Park in Botswana (80 km away plus ferry ride awa – don’t forget to apply for a multiple-entrance visa to Zambia if interested) and the Victoria falls (40 km by car). It’s convenient if you want to make day trips to these locations.
The secluded location; the lack of big tourist groups and the reasonably high service level, makes it a pretty good choice for honeymooners.
I wasn’t one, but a safari-junkie with heavy cameras. So for me it was not the optimum spot – hence the rather lukewarm rating.

Island of Siankaba
P.O. Box 60845
Livingstone, Zambia


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