La Pérouse, Nice Baie des Anges, Nice, France ****

Q: What is it? A: A very charming hotel with charming staff and charming views of the Côte d’Azur.

A good reason to stay at La Perouse: The view.

Stepping out on the balcony and... when confronted with a view like this, gathering the pile of cash necessary to buy an apartment in Nice, makes absolute and total sense – no matter the price tag!

Wake up. Sit up. See this.

The image above is short for: ”Whatever you do when booking
yourself in at La Pérouse, make sure you'll get a sea view room!”

Good night? Well, maybe. The bed was about the only setback at La Perouse

Not big. Not designed. No problem, but they need to fix their beds soon, or it won't matter how charming Valerie in the reception is!

Not exactly new but reasonably fresh

Just guessing now, but it was probably not too long ago they renovated this bathroom
in that 1998 French style. Sorry to say that it already looks slightly jaded.

A classic, charming Mediterranean hotel on the Côte d’Azur.
La Pérouse has it all. It has the undersized lobby. It has the quirky floor plan where you will have to take two elevators and walk through winding corridors before you find your room. It has the not so new wall-to-wall carpets. Yes, charming is synonymous with not overly practical or not shiny brand new. But it’s quite impossible to not like La Pérouse. The first reason is blond, all smiles and goes under the name of Valerie.
It was quite a while ago since I felt as welcome in a hotel, (it also helped that Valerie’s English is perfect – my French is, ahem… limited if you want to be polite).

I agree with the folks on TripAdvisor.
Charming is the word here. It’s just like you were imagining what charming French hotels would be like, before you started to go to France. When I write this, La Pérouse is ranked as #5 out of 214 hotels in Nice. It’s not at all hard to understand. The location, the view and, above all, the staff are good reasons. The hotel seems to be willing to walk the extra mile. I’m arrived to breakfast with only minutes to spare and was met with nothing but smiles. They even managed to find a me parking space where there was none. That is; I got an overnight permit for the no-stop zone just outside the hotel, (thank you again, Nicholas!).

Room for improvement.
The 63 rooms are squeezed in between the waterfront of Baie des Anges and the castle hill, (hence the lack of parking spaces). In aerial photos the patchwork is an excuse for a floor plan becomes very visible. However, that patchwork is not an issue. Its location makes it special, (and this I say without even dipping my toe in the pool; nor did I get that free drink from the rooftop bar). Its staff makes it special. But the guest rooms come with a bit too much glumness. Bathrooms look/feel somewhat old and the blanket on the bed didn’t feel like belonging in the year 2011.
On the other hand, those things are fairly easy to fix. And the should be taken care of quickly, as La Pérouse is in possession of exactly the things that other hotels – with more sleek and thought-out interior designs – can only dream about. And sacré bleu, the charm is there… as if you haven’t gotten that message already.

Hotel La Perouse
Nice Baie des Anges
11 Quai Rauba Capeu
06 300 Nice


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