Storfjord Hotel, Ovre Glømset, Ålesund, Møre og Romsdal, Norge ***

Q: What is it? A: A beautiful place in a beautiful setting with a less than beautiful kitchen.

This is what you find on a hilltop near Øvre Glomset

Quite nice, eh? The buildings represent the traditional lafta style, meaning whole interwoven, crossing logs stacked by craftsmen. They look old but were built as late as 2007.

On the other side of the fjord: The Sunnmøre Alps.

The day when I'll feel Hemingway-ish, I'll write my next trilogy here. Yes, I'll definitely consider it.

Big room. And a big bed as well.

Even with a bed like this it was tough to sleep through one of those bright Norwegian summer nights. Oh, well... in the month of June it could have happened in any hotel on this latitude.

If you want a bathtub on lion claws, you've sure come to the right place.

I don't want to go into details here and now, but some pretty deep thoughts emerged in this room.

A better image of the view over the Sunnmøre Alps.

This must be the wet dream of any local tourist office: Mirrorlike, deep fjords. Dramatic mountains with little speckles of snow, added for decoration.

This spacious room is where you will have dinner. Hopefully a good one.

Unfortunately the kitchen doesn't deliver what the impressive dining room interior promise.

In theory, it’s nothing but amazing.
Is it for real? Is it a shooting location? Is this something that the folks at Disney dreamed up? The nearby Sunnmøre Alps form an incredible backdrop with little speckles of snow garnishing the mountains. It feels like being trapped in the world’s largest screen saver with amazing views in every direction. The landscape looks like designed around this hotel. It’s built in the lafta technique, or handlaft to be more accurate, where whole crossing logs, as thick as underaged fashion models are stacked by craftsmen, interwoven and insulated with lambswool. Inside, the logs remain largely exposed. There’s actually nothing Disney-ish about it. It’s a traditional Scandinavian technique for house-building.

Let’s continue with the good stuff. Such as the rooms.
The Storfjord Hotel is probably one of the greatest matches of design, location and concept I’ve ever experienced. It’s comfortable. It feels genuine. Apparently, no expenses have been spared to create a cool, rural idyllic outpost. Rooms are spacious. Rooms come with a four-poster bed. Rooms come with a writer’s desk. Room must be some 40-45 square meters. At least.

There used to be only six guest rooms…
After the first step of the hotel’s expansion, there are now thirteen rooms and apparently the hotel has even more ambitious plans, including a large conference space and then additional rooms. I just hope that the homey feeling they provide today will not be lost in the developing process. Kristina is a gem. She spends more time with us than I think is written in her job description. I’m amazed. It was long ago since I felt this well taken care of at a hotel. She gets six stars out of five.

Room for improvement.
To put it bluntly, the kitchen is a problem. If present, Gordon Ramsay would let the f-words penetrate the room’s airspace like Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knives. Ordering a set-menu should give the kitchen a chance to shine, yes even to overperform. Not here. What’s on the plate makes me embarrassed. The Double Cheeseburger at that odd Denny’s joint in Parsippany, NJ, felt more inspiring. Also, the remote location of the Storfjord Hotel means that you have zero alternatives. The chef can simply not afford to have a bad day.

It feels strange to give out just three stars.
It’s not right that a place as remarkable as Storfjord Hotel should be awarded only three stars, but the ongoing construction works takes away some of the pristine feeling. Plus; more than anything else, the hotel should concentrate on finding a competent chef. Being served this boring excuse for a dinner in the magnificent dinner hall fills this reviewer with outright sadness.
So, please get your sh_t together, Storfjord – you are blessed with so many things that other hotels can only dream about!

Storfjord Hotel
Ovre Glomset
Skodje, Sunnmore Alps, 6260


Lat: 62.470256 Long: 6.625614

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