Hotel Copernicus Kraków. Poland **

Hotel Copernicus Kraków. Poland. **

Krakòw is simply not Las Vegas.
This city has put up with a lot during the centuries… It’s bigger brother Warsaw is working a bit too hard to become a new Barcelona, Amsterdam or… well, Stockholm. And who would be surprised if this city suffered from a little brother complex? It’s quite refreshing that Krakòw isn not trying to be anything else than… Krakòw.

Relatively free from Kurt Cobain t-shirts.
The old town is both old and relatively free from Kurt Cobain t-shirts and casinos. The oldest street in the old town is Kanonicza and there’s where you find the Hotel Copernicus. The location is superb if you want to stay in the center of the World Heritage Site. I’d be the last person to call the Copernicus a bad hotel but both pricetag and marketing fluff indicate that you will be offered something extra when checking in. Well, not true…

The exterior looks nice.
It comes with a history. Nicolaus Copernicus, famous astronomer (and father of the theory theory that earth actually orbits the sun) lodged here whenever he visited Krakow. It comes with a portal dating back to 1554 and murals from the Renaissance period (room no. 108 has a spectacular 17th-century ornamental decoration). Inside, they created an atrium with a glass roof. The former backyard is shared by the bar and restaurant. The rooms look quite pleasant as well and you will get down coverings, plenty of space plus painted ceilings supported by massive wooden beams. This place looks rather good and has the potential to be very good. But, there is a but…

Frankly, my dear, the staff don’t give a damn!
I visited Poland in 1989. At that time you could expect any official to greet you with ignorance at best… It seems like the Copernicus hired the very same people. The staff don’t give a damn. Plus bell boys and concierge must move and work with complete stealth as they were invisible throughout my whole stay. At breakfast you’d better take care of yourself. No big deal, although I felt like stealing the coffee. The hotel proudly boast about their prominent guests; His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales, U.S. President George W. Bush with his wife Laura et cetera, et cetera… I hope they were treated with a different kind of attention. Hotel Copernicus Krakòw needs to get its act a together. When it happens I’m sure it will rival hotels in Dublin, Seville and Copenhagen. But for now…

Hotel Copernicus
Ulica Kanonicza, 16
Krakow 31-002, Poland
+48 (12) 4214865

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