The Levante Parliament, Vienna. Austria. **

Levante Parliament, Vienna. Austria. **

First, I learn that a nice smile isn’t everything.
This place opened in May 22, 2006 in a Bauhaus building in central Vienna. When I checked in, they have had 17 months to make things run smoothly. And yes, they are hitting it off brilliantly. The staff at the front desk is wonderful and arrange for a late checkout with a smile (and what a smile…). I tick the box for ‘cleanliness’ as my room is literally spotless. Good start. But then I go to the restaurant to have dinner.

If ‘Nemtoi’ is mentioned, run for the door…
The restaurant, Nemtoi is named after a glass designer who created some funky looking pieces to make it look more interesting. According to the hotel’s website “They are the eye-catcher and the optical center of the restaurant.” Ho-hum…
Many hotel restaurants are naming their chefs – hereby giving the impression that they’ve got a celebrity from the culinary world on their payroll. Prepare to be served highlights “…created by the Chef de Cusine Bernhard Laimer who is spoiling our guests and gourmet fans with his creations.”
After a less than ordinary appetizer, I had the Overcooked Sea Bass Drowned in Butter with Some Scared Gnocchi on the side. After the meal i dediced to top it off with cold coffee. I think you get the idea. It’s a very wise decision to avoid the Nemtoi.

This hotel is a member of the Design Hotels chain.
Design is, if anything, a little under par. The rooms look reasonably modern but they are not a reason to stay here. And if any hotel is bragging about ‘flatscreen television in the guestrooms’ you should be on the alert.
The big disappointment, however, is the service level. Grab your stuff and carry it to a parking garage and then find your car yourself. That’s the Levante Parliament idea of valet parking.
If the front desk hadn’t been so warm and friendly, the rating would be one single star. The reason why they get two is probably that I’m in a good mood today – and because the receptionist looked like a young Elle McPherson…

Levante Parliament
Auerspergstrasse 9,
Vienna 1080, Austria
+43 1 228 28 – 0

If you, despite everything written above, want to give the Levante Parliament a chance, just click here to book it through

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