Opening just about now: The Cube, Stockholm, Sweden

Q: What is it? A: A pop-up restaurant on the Stockholm Opera House rooftop. It will become the playground for some of the top chefs in Sweden this summer and early fall.

A spectacular location. And the chef rooster looks very promising.

With a location like this, what could go wrong? Well, I guess that the entire thing could plunge down into the river stream below. I was told that only four bolts keep it in place. Must be some kick-ass bolts.

Here are the 18 seats. And the view is pretty spectacular even for a local.

The 18 seats of The Cube. They spared no expense to get it right: Location, chefs, food, wine, view… it could actually work! I’ll be back within a week with a proper review of the dining experience.

The Cube looks like this from 1,7 km away.

The Cube, perching on top of the Royal Opera. The pic was snapped from Fjällgatan, one of Stockholm’s more well-known viewpoints, some 1,7 km away. Yes, a powerful tele lens was used.

The story so far: Huge Swedish home appliance manufacturer finances a pop-up restaurant concept. Until now, Milan, London and Stockholm have been graced with a modernist steel and glass shack on top of something else. In the case of Milan it perched on top of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, just opposite of the Duomo de Milano. In the case of Stockholm, we’re talking about the Royal Opera house, a building that was finished in 1898, facing both the Royal Castle, the Swedish House of Parliament and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It is a quite spectacular view, even for a local schmuck like me.

OK, what’s inside?
The Cube a tight space, merely 140 square meters, with 18 seats. Just prior to the first serving, the communal table is lowered down from the ceiling. Very Star Trek-ish, if you ask me.
Even more interesting is the line-up of chefs: Johan Jureskog of Restaurant AG, Mathias Dahlgren, Klas Lindberg (Sweden’s Chef of the Year 2012), Operakällaren’s Stefano Catenacci and Magnus Ek of the now closed Oaxen).
I’m investing my money in an evening with Johan Jureskog on the 21st of June. Watch this space for a proper review.

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Visiting Stockholm this summer? Wanna seat at the Cube? It’s still possible, but you can’t be picky about days. Both set-menu lunches (3 servings) and set-menu dinners (5 servings) are available, with a pre-selected wine menu included in the price.
For convenience, I’d pick the Grand Hôtel, Lydmar or Berns Hotel.
If you’re staying at the aforementioned Grand, the walk to the the Cube will be less than four minutes.

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