Conrad Hotel, Minato, Tokyo ***

Conrad Hotel, Tokyo – the lobby
The lobby.

Conrad Hotel, Tokyo – the room
The room.

The view at night from Conrad Tokyo.
The view.

It’s like a Swiss watch.
It’s exact. It’s running smooth. The surface is polished. You are not entering perfection that often. The staff is professional and very, very efficient. Their English is very Oxford. An error in the booking is no speedbump. Check-in is a smiling place and they will direct you to the next smiling service staff member. It’s like only getting green lights in traffic while driving in a congested city. You may choose from five different pillows on the pillow-menu. You will most probably tell your folks at home about both the room and the view.

Hotel in a skyscraper. That’s Tokyo style.
The Conrad is located in the top 15 floors in an office skyscraper. A common concept. This is Tokyo and here they figured that people don’t want to live close to street level. The view is crazy, especially at night. In your view you have Dentsu, the world’s largest advertising agency. To your left you have another hotel, similar to the Conrad. Their guests are doing the same as you – they are watching the view and they are waving. Don’t forget to wave back.

The taste of Swiss watch.
Gordon Ramsay, the loudmouth evil chef, star of numerous TV shows, has two restaurants in the hotel. One is fully booked, in the other the table is meticulously set. As expected the service is flawless. But… wait… there’s something… When having the main course I realize; the food tastes like the hotel! The taste is… Swiss watch! It’s without errors. It’s exact. It’s better than expected. But there’s something lacking, something that not even the fingerspitzengefühl of Gordon Ramsay could contribute with: The place lacks charm.

And close to the Tsukiji fish market.
But don’t hesitate to make a reservation if you are not price sensitive. The view is magnificent and the place is within walking distance from the Tsukiji, the Tokyo fish market. The walk from the chaotic, crazy marketplace to the spotless perfection of the Conrad hotel is less than 15 minutes. In other words; pretty close but worlds apart.

Conrad Tokyo
1-9-1, Higashi-Shinbashi
Tokyo, 105 7337

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  1. I agree totally with the review – spot on. I stayed here for several days in 2008.

    It’s a nice hotel , the staff are unfailingly attentive -too much in some ways. the breakfast is fabulous. I was lucky to not have to pay for my room.

    The restaraunts are fine ,if clinical, in their approach, you will do better by wandering the local streets and the Ginza.


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