Japan – how to find an ATM in the land without working ATMs (UPDATED)

Q: No ATMs? A: Well, let’s be fair here. There are plenty of ATMs in Japan. Loads of them! However, most of them only accept domestic bank and credit cards.

Trust me, you won't regret finding out about the locations of the Citibanks in Japan.

These locations are precious to foreign Japan travellers: Under any Citibank sign, there will most likely be an ATM that will welcome international credit cards twentyfour-seven. Very much-needed. Very much appreciated.

Being the high-tech country Japan is, it's almost hard to believe how few international ATMs there were!

In this ATM, located in a Japanese post office, a little squirrel bounced around while you operated it. In a friendly, squirrel-like way it delivered messages like “wrong code” and similar stuff.

The headline of this post is wrong. You will find many ATMs in Japan, but they a) will not accept foreign credit cards, or b) they will not display any info in English. This is a bigger problem than you might think, as the only thing you will understand is the 0-9 digits – and there are lots and lots of other buttons and functions.

It may seem like an out-of-place problem in a hyper-advanced nation where everything is computerized, but fact is that cash still reigns in most places. The more exclusive shops will of course accept any piece of plastic, but don’t try to swipe anything in a more modest restaurant or in a cab.

Post offices will come to your rescue – but ATMs are open during office hours only. The real help is spelled Citibank. They are open 24 hours. Consequently, one of the smartest pieces of info that the Japan traveler can get his hands on, is the list of Citibank’s Japanese branches. I know this sounds like a weird kind of product placement activity. I promise you, it isn’t.

So where are the Citibank ATMs located? Have I got a list for you!

UPDATE: This post is now five years old but very little has changed in regards to finding ATMs that work with international cards. However, one bank has announced that they have converted their ATMs to accept our plastic – namely the Shinsei Bank. Want to find out where they’re located?


  1. Awesome!
    Visste inte ens om detta och jag åker dit om fyra dar, tack så jättemycket!

  2. Great post! An update; it’s now also possible to withdraw cash from all of the Seve Eleven convenient stores that have an ATM. And 7-11 you can find practically everywhere in Japan. Makes life a lot easier.


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