W Chicago City Center, Chicago, IL, ****

W Chicago City Center, Chicago, IL, exterior
W Chicago City Center, Chicago, IL, the lobby

It’s not exactly a flying start.
The restaurant at the hotel is pretending to serve ”A Spirited Menu” but spirits are not very high. The following morning, despite reminding the staff three times, fourty-five minutes pass before breakfast arrives. It’s not worth the wait. A little later W Chicago starts to deliver. They should. Starwood management defines the W Hotels as offering the style of the boutique hotel along with the quality of a large hotel. If we see a large, red ‘W’ over the entrance, we should all know what to expect.

A loud lobby with a DJ.
In previous years, that sign said ‘Midland Hotel’. It’s just my guess, but I don’t think it was a very hot place. Starwood tried to change all that. The lobby is large and loud, just like in other W hotels. The DJ in the corner is just as important to the experience as the bell boys, just like in other W hotels. During after work hours a young, fast crowd will use the bar and the lobby for drinking and flirting. It’s probably according to Starwood management plans. I wish the crowd the best of luck.

Cindy C’s hubby runs the bar.
The name of the bar is Whiskey Blue. It’s run by Rande Gerber. He’s the guy behind some of the most talked about hotel bars in New York. What people talk about is the combination of expensive drinks and very light clad waitresses (alternatively, the waitresses will have to dress up in tight body stockings). This might not be a very modern approach but it’s a conversation piece nevertheless. Apart from those not so modern concepts, Rande is best known as super model Cindy Crawford’s hubby.

Yes, W Chicago City Center delivers.
The rooms are good enough and the front desk is efficient but it’s the concierge that deserves a five-star review. Elaine and Lee are even over-delivering. Tables at impossible restaurants are suddenly possible. Not very reliable taxi companies arrive on time. Et cetera. They are simply great. If you’re about to book yourself in at the W in Chicago, just watch the name of the hotel carefully. There are two of them in town. The W City Center is a great alternative if you want to stay in the middle of The Loop. Pleasant, reasonably lively, and as long as you tell them what you expect them to do, you will get what you pay for. Enjoy your stay!

W Chicago City Center
172 W Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois 60603-3604

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