Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California, United States *****

Q: What is it? A: Again and again it has been rated one of the best in the world. This hotel, located in one of the most spectacular locations possible, offers guests an insane level of service. And you’ve already guessed it; there’s a price tag attached to the experience.

Available: Dinners with stargazing and breakfasts with hummingbirds.

Perching on that high cliff, about 300 meters (1,000 ft) above the sea, this is the Sierra Mar restaurant – the nutritional heart of the Post Ranch Inn.

Life is prettier above the clouds

Nice view over some of those white, fluffy things covering the Pacific Ocean.

Blending in.

Quoting the hotel: ”Tree Houses are single structures built on stilts nine feet off the forest floor with a stairway to each entrance. Triangular in shape, each room features a bed, window seat, desk, fireplace, and skylight to watch the stars from bed.”

Infinity pool + cloud cover over the Pacific Ocean = great photo op!

And it was written: ”…strategically placed to initiate jaw-dropping reactions.” The writer was right. One of the hotel world’s most photographed pools.

What if you decided to jump the fence?
If you would jump, you are downward bound three hundred and fifty vertical meters to sea-level. Probably more. Even at breakfast on the terrace you’ll feel like being in an aeroplane. Exactly. The grey fluffy things below you are clouds. In the small tree next to you there’s a humming sound. Colibries. Sitting there with a copy of the New York Times means very little reading and very little eating.

A bucket on a trail.
The question ”More orange juice, Sir?” takes you back to reality. It’s about time to take a walk. Bill’s Trail is well-groomed, and… what’s this? Someone forgot a bucket on the path? And it’s full of mineral water bottles on ice? Your brain is put to work and a few seconds later you realize that this is another sign of the almost outrageous service level at the Post Ranch Inn.

Stargazing is included.
The previous evening an extremely professional waiter approached the table with an unusual question: ”Do you want to take a look at the stars before dessert?” James Barrow is showing the rings of Saturn, craters of the moon, a few of the moons of Jupiter and a white dwarf. It feels like a punishment to return to the dinner table. Before I go, I’m asking James to show me the moon craters again. The telescope is so powerful that the shadows at the crater rims become visible. The plate with macaroons and mousse of marzipan looked a little lonely and sad.

Tree house or flowers on the roof?
If you choose to stay in a Tree House, you will be staying in a tree. That’s the budget alternative. Still, your piece of plastic will cry when it’s time to pay the bill. But despite that, the Post Ranch Inn is worth every single penny. The next time I’ll stay in a Coast House with grass and flowers on the roof or in an Ocean House. A five-star location. In every aspect. With flying colours.

Post Ranch Inn
Highway 1, PO Box 219
Big Sur, CA 93920
United States

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