Avalon, Gothenburg, Sweden *** (UPDATED)

Looking in the other direction means standing in the bathtub, snapping a pic of the bed.

Note how the blanket seems to be thrown there just at random. Not.

For sleep etc: The bed. For personal hygiene: The bathtub.

Rather modern, with the now oh-so-common bathtub in the room.

The mandatory pic of where you brush your teeth, (not in the bathtub, stupid!).

Bathtub. Sink. Visible for everybody.

There's a door to shut if you need to take a shit.

Here's the WC. Picture snapped from the shower. To the left: The sink.

Avalon, Gothenburg, Sweden ****
Aw, mom! Somebody put a Saarinen-chair just outside the elevator!

Avalon, Gothenburg, Sweden ****
A not so descriptive photo of the exterior. Please remind me to replace this.

Still pretty good. Yeah, it’s OK.
I have stayed here numerous times since 2008. I’d still say this is a pretty good hotel. Not an outstanding hotel but a reasonably stylish and superbly located hotel with a spectacular, glassed rooftop pool. It’s not the old Gothenburg. This is the ‘new’ Gothenburg. Its design may feel somewhat outdated these days. But it’s a matter of taste, right? Regardless, I’m prepared to forgive the Avalon for the cheezy signs announcing that the hotel is the first in the area with a feng shui certificate.

However, the fifth and fourth star was quickly wiped out.
This hotel originally had four stars in my book. One dent in the paintwork meant that the potential fifth star was out of the question. The Avalon restaurant managed to turn a steak sandwich into cardboard on my first visit and has failed to impress at any of my stays. And what difference does it make that the waitress is doing much more than you’d expect to make you feel like at home? Breakfast has improved with time, though. But this is a hotel with its ups and downs. On my last visit I was surprised to find a front desk that showed very little enthusiasm over welcoming a new guest.

In some senses, the Avalon sure delivers.
Mid-sized rooms comes with a bathtub as the centerpiece (yes, literally). I suppose these bathtubs has been placed there to inspire guests to make indecent proposals. These bathtubs will not materialize if you pick the larger rooms. I was once upgraded only to find myself almost uncomfortably close to the pedestrian traffic below. But I can certainly live with that. Hotel management need to give the kitchen a motivational boost. And while you’re at it, remind front desk that a smile or two won’t hurt the first impression. Try it. Guests may like it.

Avalon Hotel
Kungstorget 9
41117 Gothenburg

+46-31-751 02 00

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