Front Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark ***

Front Hotel,  Copenhagen, Denmark. ***
The front entrance at the Front. Or Scandic Front Hotel as it’s nowadays called.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The Front cares about your well-being.
An apple a day… The folks at the Front cares about your well-being.

The Front faces the harbour of Copenhagen. A kick-ass location in the summertime.
The location should be pretty OK during the warmer months of the year, (this was January).

Prepare to get conceptualized.
Arriving at the Front Hotel means that you will need a few moments to get used to the level of conceptualization. The staff at the front desk is impeccably dressed. Next to the fireplace; a Maarten Baas smoke chair. Guests may write greetings on a wall (chalk provided by hotel). The hotel logo is all over the room. And then the bed… a red apple placed on top of a pyramid of pillows balancing delicately on artfully folded sheets and blankets. This is not a bed, dear newly weds. It’s an installation.

The Front starts to deliver. Nice!
When you’re over the conceptual shock, this hotel delivers. The staff is quite friendly and helpful. Breakfast is not a culinary orgy but better than just OK. The pricetag is reasonable. This is not a place where everything have been polished to perfection but it looks good and most things work as intended. Location isn’t in the epicenter of Copenhagen but a five-minute walk will take you there. Take a run on the treadmill and you’ll get a nice view of the new concert hall. On the waterfront, they are preparing for an outdoor patio that will kick some serious butt with all other outdoor patios, but for the moment (in January) bulldozers are occupying the place.

Do I sound like I’ve got a lot to complain about?
Oh, no. I’d gladly recommend the Front Hotel to anybody who wants to spend a weekend in Copenhagen without killing their piggy bank and… Stop the presses! This just in! The Front Hotel management suddenly decided to kick back and relax a little and also to be slightly less pretentious about the restaurant concept, (they consequently dumped the name ‘Urban Kitchen’). There’s hope for Copenhagen after all.

Additional note: The hotel is now a part of the Scandic chain. This should mean excellent breakfasts but a little less glitz, (something that is also reflected in several reviews on TripAdvisor). Sadly, it seems like the place has several issues with housekeeping and suffers from lack of renovation, which paired with modern, Danish design isn’t a very positive thing. If you’ve stayed here recently, please post your comments here!

Front Hotel
Sankt Anne Plads 21
DK-1022 Copenhagen K

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