Aspen Meadows Resort, Aspen, CO ****

Aspen Meadows, Aspen, CO ****
Proof that you are getting close if arriving at night.
The Aspen Meadows Resort is not located in central Aspen.

Rooms in the Aspen Meadows Resort: Modern and not very American, if you ask me.
The Scandinavian founder of this site would say that rooms
at the Aspen Meadows Resort are rather… Scandinavian!

A giant shelf that doubles as a writing place divides the room at the Aspen Meadows Resort.
Like something straight out of IKEA. The shelf/writing place that is also a clever room divider.
Note the TV-screen on its swivel arm – you can watch The Simpsons from the bed or from the sofa.

It’s not what you’d expect a hotel in Aspen to be.
And it should be mentioned right from the start: It is not located in downtown Aspen. The walk to the Aspen Mountain gondola is about a mile (that’s 1.60934 kilometer for all you conversion dyslectics) causing surprise among the staff at the front desk when they heard that those crazy Swedes were getting there on foot. “But boys, we have an excellent free shuttle service!”. I guess that such reactions are only natural in the United Motorized States of America.

Gimme a Bauhaus-inspired suite!
Staying at the Aspen Meadows Resort means arriving to a little village of 98 Bauhaus-inspired suites, scattered in neat little rows around the Roaring Fork River. You and your luggage is taken there by electric golf cars. It looks modern from the outside and it’s even more so on the inside.The room layout is clever with a huge shelf functioning as a room divider. There’s also a small kitchenette with microwave oven and a fridge if you’re not longing for the many restaurants in Aspen (Takah Sushi, 320 S. Mill Street is highly recommended as is the barbeque at the Hickory House, 730 W. Main Street).

Welcome to the end of the road.
In my opinion staying at the end of the road is a good thing. Especially in a high octane nation like the U.S. Cars are prohibited throughout the resort. Instead you park in a garage and rely on the excellent free shuttle service (OK, sometimes excellent and sometimes not so excellent). Or your tired legs.

Remember to pick a mountain!
Keep in mind that Aspen consists not just of one mountain but four – and the shuttle service from downtown to the largest mountain, Snowmass, will take you about 30 minutes. I was more than happy to stay in the Aspen village, as it has more atmosphere than most US ski resorts. Also, the area closest to the village, Aspen Mountain, may very well be the best mountain I ever skied. Its lifts serve only difficult to expert terrain. If you want more variation and the shuttle thing feels a bit off-putting, then go for lodging in Snowmass. But I’ll gladly stay at the Aspen Meadows again – as it would feel like a fresh approach to accommodation anywhere, but even more than so at a ski resort in Colorado.

Aspen Meadows Resort
845 Meadows Road
Aspen, CO 81611
United States


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