Didsbury House Hotel, Manchester, England ***

Didsbury House Hotel, Manchester, United Kingdom ***
Are you at the right Didsbury Hotel? Please, check your reservation again!

A typical weekend retreat for SUV-driving Mancunians.
Q: Where do all the SUV-driving Mancunians go during weekends?
A: They go here!

A room in the Didsbury House Hotel. Note the extra easy chair.
The room is a time capsule from circa 1986. Just look at that easy chair!

Didsbury House Hotel, Manchester, United Kingdom ***
The nicest treat of my room: A bath with a view.

Welcome to sunny Manchester.
Just south of Manchester you’ll find a residential area named Didsbury. I believe it’s the sunny side of town. Googling it will tell that unemployment rate is 4% (compared to the Manchester average of 9%). It’s also a part of town that is close to the airport, which is why those who are not doing the honeymoon cha-cha will be happy to pick a place like the Didsbury House.

Yes, it’s a house.
The Didsbury folks refer to their house as ”a contemporary Victorian villa”. There are 23 bedrooms and four suites, which means that the place will not be crowded. But just like its sister hotel, the Great John Street Hotel in central Manchester, the few guests will have to wait for things to happen. When they do happen, the members of the staff are friendly and efficient. It just seems that the hotel management has decided to run the place with fewer people and that may (sorry, will) keep you waiting for most things (like housekeeping, food and check-out).

A tub saves the day.
The standard of this place is quite high although rooms are a bit over-furnished (why the easy chair?) but it was nice to find a free standing Victorian bathtub in the room. You may not like the pricetag of this hotel if you pay an ordinary rack rate. There are, however, a number of internet options making it more attractive. Check them out and you may get quite a pleasant surprise. So if you’re in the neighbourhood, you may very well stay here. It’s not a bad option at all.

There will probably be some confusion…
It’s more than likely that you will pick the wrong house. Why? Because there are two hotels in Didsbury Village that are similar in concept. They are also members of the same family of hotels. The other one is called Eleven Didsbury Park and from the outside it’s very hard to distinguish it from the Didsbury House. They are also located about 2 minutes apart. I had to check my hotel reservation twice while chatting with the cabbie. Still I ended up at the wrong place. Well, at least I wasn’t on a honeymoon.

Didsbury House
Didsbury Park, Didsbury Village,
Manchester, M20 5LJ
United Kingdom


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