Hotel FOX, Copenhagen, Denmark ** (CLOSED)

* * * HOTEL CLOSED MARCH 2015 * * *

Hotel FOX, Copenhagen – the entrance
You will still use a door to enter the place that refers to itself
as “the world’s most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel”.

Hotel FOX, Copenhagen. Refers to itself as “a worldwide unique patchwork of visions”.
It they didn’t try so gosh darn hard to be special, it would sound like a rather nice idea.

The idea is pretty interesting:
In April 2005 this hotel opened as a part in the launch of the compact car Volkswagen FOX. 3000 artists applied. 21 of them finally got the opportunity to decorate 61 rooms for the ”young urban traveler”. A few of them, like WK Interact, were already household names on the global street art scene. Others were new names. My room was designed by the Berlin trio Akim, Zasd and Bus 126. Thanks guys.

Good value for money? Sure!
If you are about to spend a few days in Copenhagen I’ll gladly recommend the FOX. It will give you good value for money and rooms come in familiar sizes (small, medium, large and x-large). Browse through them at The location near Radhuspladsen (the City Hall) is fine. You will have good shopping and decent bars just a few blocks away. Travellers that are happy to take care of themselves will feel alright at the FOX. Those who want an enthusiastic concierge and an attentive staff will not find what they’re looking for. The brave members of the front desk are doing their best, but it’s not good enough. They are too few.

Hang the copywriter!
The FOX share something strange with a number of other hotels in Copenhagen: Exaggerated conceptualization. Hoteliers are turning themselves inside out when explaining why their hotel is so hip that it hurts. Hence, you will find a lot of corny things in the presentation. Words like ‘concept’ and ‘lifestyle’ are used three times more often as they should. I don’t know what to expect from a place that refers to itself as “a worldwide unique patchwork of visions”? Do they still have beds? If you don’t mind that kind of corporate concept caca… then you may find the FOX interesting. And sure, I’ll give it a second chance one day.

Hotel FOX
Jarmers Plads 3
DK-1551 Copenhagen V

* * * HOTEL CLOSED MARCH 2015 * * *

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