Hope Springs Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA. ****

Q: What is it? A: A very nice but tiny spa/hotel located in Desert Hot Springs. As the name suggests it’s located in the Californian desert, not too far from the Joshua Tree National Park.

Happiness is a pool in this desert-like environment.

The pool at the Hope Springs Resort. Actually, there are three of them, with water temperatures ranging from 40.5º C to 32º C, (the latter is the one in this pic).

It’s called a resort…
It’s actually more of a small hotel and it feels like a private villa. This is not a place that you will just pass by but a destination for those who know where to go. And those few will find ten rooms at the end of the road. It’s pretty close to Palm Springs and stylewise it have lended a lot from the modernist architecture that have made this area a destination for people with a huge pile of coffee table books on their coffee table. The atmosphere is such that you’d expect a hung over Frank Sinatra to come strolling towards the pool, wearing swimming trunks, slippers and a Dobbs straw hat.

Any drawbacks?
Well, the Hope Springs Resort doesn’t have a restaurant. Then, the view over the Coachella Valley is just OK. On the other hand the sunset over the California desert landscape is spectacular. What really keeps the Hope Springs Resort is business is the spa. Three pools with hot geothermal water is the main attraction here. The hottest is 40.5º C. The coolest is 32º C.

For the people who care about the works of Charles and Ray Eames.
Those who are not spa aficionados may instead marvel at the vintage Eames plastic chair in glass fibre (yes, the originals) and everybody will enjoy the tranquility. But whatever you do, don’t forget to buy a bathrobe when you check out. Those are among the most fab I’ve ever seen!

Hope Springs Resort
68075 Club Circle Drive
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, USA

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