Townhouse 12, Milan, Italy ***

Townhouse 12, Milan, Italy ***
The courtyard at Townhouse 12. Yes, you may have breakfast there.

The lobby of the Townhouse 12 hotel in Milan.
Proof that if you decide to get rid of an entire bar, the lobby will become spacious.

The view from Townhouse 12 isn’t grand, but it’s Milan!
The view over Via Monviso is not very grand but hey, it’s Milan!

Townhouse 12 boasts slippers with their logo on them!
Bonus: A robe that must be three inches thick and slippers with the hotel’s logo!

Townhouse 12 Hotel – Milan, Italy – the bedroom
And here’s a slightly better overview of the room. Not big but fairly functional in a fairly Italian sense of the word. The closet was tucked away in the corner farthest from the entrance. Well… OK.

You don’t know what to expect.
You walk into a hotel that the cab driver had a problem to find. You realize that you are in a residential area more far away from the action than you wanted to be. The place looks quite stylish from the outside but the lobby is overly spacious as they have just torn down the Absolut Ice Bar. The front desk is unmanned so you’re waiting. You don’t know what to expect. Then you meet Martha.

Martha saves the day.
She’s fantastic. The welcome is warm and personal. You immediately feel taken care of. The place is not big, only 18 rooms, but it has a contemporary and functional design and as a traveller you’ll get what a traveller needs. Service is focused on the necessities but everything is delivered with a certain style. The Townhouse 12 seems to be a modern take on the bed & breakfast concept, although it’s a B&B with free internet access and a concierge (well, Martha doubled as it).

Not just average but just right.
Rooms are average sized but the square meters are better used than the average. Plus, the bathroom with its monsoon shower is in the upper league. Breakfast is served at a communal table. It wasn’t over-the-top but just right (yes, even the fruit salad). The Townhouse 12 is by no means a budget hotel but it comes with a less hefty price tag than many of its competitors in Milan. It’s not a hotel that you’ll write home and tell people about, but it’s just right. And if Martha is around, it will add to your well-being.

Townhouse 12
Piazza Gerusalemme 12
20154 Milano


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