Les Rosées, Mougins, Provence, France *****

Les Rosées, Mougins, Provence, France. And your suite comes with a bedroom.
When staying at Les Rosées, you’ll be staying in a suite. This is the area where you sleep, (among other things).

When staying at Les Rosées, this is the area where you not sleep.
Things like the CD-player were cleverly hidden in an old case. Except for the air conditioning, there’s not much that will reveal that it’s the 21st century.

This is the extrerior of the main building of Les Rosées. It has one room per floor.
Enjoy the exterior: A quintessential French villa on the Côte d’Azur. Approximately 400 years old. Mindboggingly attractive if you ask me!

The kitchen. One of the reasons why having breakfast at Les Rosées is amazing.
The kitchen looks good. It also produces an amazing breakfast.

The grand piano that Liza Minelli has signed.
This is the communal, social area. Any second, Liza Minelli could enter the premises, as she is a regular guest. She has also signed the grand piano.

It’s hard to imagine that a place like this exists.
I mean, who would open up a place with only four rooms these days? A place like this is hard to find. And to tell you the truth, it wasn’t just to book it. First I had to contact the good people at mrandmrssmith.com. They in their turn had to contact Les Rosées to check availability. And then the message was passed all the way back to me. One might think that it’s unusual for any establishment to not have an online booking system, but with so few rooms I guess this is the way to secure bookings from people who really want to stay there. And what can I say? It worked out nicely for me.

In addition, it wasn’t easy to find.
I mean literally. I drove up the Chemin de Font Neuve with the GPS all happy and smiling and before I knew it the numbers where way beyond 238. On the third attempt I decided to stop and ask one of the neighbours. Does all wealthy Frenchmen have dogs to guard their premises? Over the loud barks I heard that Les Rosées actually existed and it was actually the house next door. I retired quickly. The beast looked eager to have me as a snack before dinner.
And there it was! The sign is made out of a rusted steel plate and it is almost impossible to find, especially if you’re driving. It’s also on the right hand side of the road. I drove up to a tiny parking spot and then started to walk up the gravel path through four terraces and was greeted by a female voice shouting ‘Hi, Hakan! Nice to see you, your room is ready!’

And what a room!
I stayed in the Suite St. Honorat. I will keep my mouth shut and let the pictures do most of the talking. Lime-washed walls, a huge bathtub carved out of one piece of stone, a Bose sound system hidden in the walls. No TV (thank God!) and a private exit to the garden and the pool.
The house is about 400 years old and Kilpérick Lhobet, the owner, have spent a couple of those years renovating it to what it is today. At first glance, there are only two things that tell you that this is in fact the year 2008: A number of small spotlights and the air condition-thingie. The DVD-player is hidden in an old travel suitcase.
In the public area there are books, sofas, a grand piano signed by Liza Minnelli (who stays here for the Cannes Film festival) and a kitchen where breakfast is prepared.

The service level is exactly what you want it to be.
It’s simple. There are no menus, no long list of rules. Just about everything is fine tuned to your needs. Ask, and they’ll do their best to help. I felt slightly off as I probably ate something that wasn’t overly healthy the day before my arrival. The fruit salad I got was a gift from above. Mr. Lhobet can’t be a day over 35, but he must have a PhD in three-star restaurants, fine wine and making his guests feel like, say… Liza Minelli.
Speaking about rules, there’s one: All suites are non-smoking. On the other hand, the hotel has always a cigar stash available where you can pick something that would make friends with a better Cognac. You get the idea. This is a place where pleasure comes first.
As breakfast is the only meal served, it’s made only of local produce. You can bank on it being both fair trade and organic. And take it from me: The home-made jam is to die for.

It’s worth all the trouble.
You can’t exchange your frequent flyer miles to stay here. It’s not really close to Mougins or any other town for that matter. You’d better drive your own car to get here. You will have trouble finding it (yes, you will). And you will love it. Five stars. Fo’ shizzle my nizzle. If there would be a sixth star around somewhere, the Les Rosées would get it. It is actually that fantastic.

Les Rosées
238 Chemin de Font Neuve
Mougins 06250, France

Find it through http://www.mrandmrssmith.com
(look it up by selecting the ‘Côte d’Azur East’ as your location)


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