The Mall outlet – Gucci, Armani – Leccio-Reggello, Tuscany, Italy


Click here for the latest post from The Mall in Leccio-Reggello has the address – and the roundabout.

This is The Mall. Or is it? The Hertz Neverlost system failed me. In fact most interactive map systems failed me. At the time of writing, I only managed to find the address Via Europa 8 and the roundabout at (notations with white arrows in the map are mine).

This is not a hidden place.
This is not an undercover location such as the Space Outlet for Prada. The Mall looks like one of those upgraded outlet villages that you could find just about anywhere, in any… Sorry, I take that back. The Mall looks slightly more elegant.
The difference is that most of the brands represented at this mall have manufacturing facilities or warehouses in the area. As I understood it, the things on display were mostly last year’s collection, but hey, you are probably not Beyoncé, so you may just get away with it, right?
Myself? Thanks to the very helpful staff at the Armani store, I left The Mall with a black Armani Collezioni suit, that was €365. Probably less than half the price compared to the high street.

You don’t even have to be a Gucci-person to shop here.
It’s a little bit like letting a Bloomingdale’s land in the Italian countryside. And it’s not just Gucci. The Mall now hosts outlets for Alexander McQueen, Armani Jeans, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Dior, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Hogan, I Pinco Pallino, Loro Piana, Marni, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi, Stella McCartney, Tod’s, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent. Plans exist for an expansion and there’s plenty of surrounding space for that.

It’s only about 25 minutes away from the Prada outlet.
Some say these outlets is THE reason to go to Tuscany. I’d say they’re a less an expensive way to make your closet look a bit more expensive. And if you’re driving in the region, they are definitely worth a visit. I mean, we all need a new suit or a new handbag, don’t we?

The Mall
Via Europa 8
50060 Leccio-Reggello
Firenze, Italy


Regular opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10.00 AM — 7.00 PM.

April 22-23: 10.00 AM — 8.00 PM
April 24-25: CLOSED
Jun 2-4: 10.00 AM — 8.00 PM
Jul 7-9: 10.00 AM — 8.00 PM
Aug 15:10.00 AM — 7.00 PM
Oct 29-31: 10.00 AM — 8.00 PM
Nov 1: 10.00 AM — 7.00 PM
December 8-10: 10.00 AM — 8.00 PM
December 24: 10.00 AM — 4.00 PM
December 24: 10.00 AM — 4.00 PM
December 25-26: CLOSED
December 31: 10.00 AM — 2.00 PM

If you drive there on your own, you may find that the GPS will not recognize the address (mine didn’t, thanks so much, Hertz). Don’t panic. It’s way much easier to find The Mall compared to Space, the Prada outlet. Still, I find it a bit odd that the address is missing as The Mall opened on August 4, 2001. Maybe it has the same status as those military installations on Google Earth? Stuff that isn’t supposed to exist will be blurred or it won’t be there at all…

Make sure that you’re on A1 (E35), the Autostrada del Sole. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from the north (Milan/Florence) or from the south (Rome), the exit to look for is marked Incisa. This exit is about 29 km south of Florence.

Take the road on the right (SS69) towards Pontassieve. This road, the Via Aretina, starts with a short serpentine climb uphill and downhill. Follow this road (it’s still the SS69) until reaching Leccio.

Continue straight through Leccio. Most of this little town will be on your right and yes, it’s very little, don’t drive too fast. There will be signs for The Mall and the little roundabout should slow you down. That roundabout is your key. That’s The Mall on your left. No, not the white building with the Diesel Jeans logo, go down the hill and pick any of the three car parks. There are The Mall-logos everywhere. Good. You’re there. Shop ’til you drop..

Note: When this was written (July 2008), the little roundabout was not found in maps, (I promise you, it did and it does exist). Two years later (August 2010) the roundabout may or may not be visible in maps but the maps/satellite images haven’t been updated! The Mall may even be marked on the map as a name, but no buildings are visible. Strange.


  1. I am located in Australia and have stumbled upon The Mall.
    Is it possible to get in contact with these designers and order over the phone or via internet?

  2. Hi Martin,

    unfortunately it is not possible to make any purchases by phone/mail. These premium brands would kill the business of their own retailers if they sold any of their stock directly to customers via the internet. And that is the core idea with all these outlets – they are located in remote areas in order not to disrupt any full-price retailers. Frustrating or not, the only option to take advantage of those low prices is to go there.

    All the best,

    :: hakan ::

  3. Hello,

    I live in Greece and I’m going to visit Milan in two weeks. I’ll be staying in the center of Milan and I need to know how I can get to the Mall outlet by bus or by train. Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance


  4. Hi Eleni,

    I am not the best person to answer this, as I drove by car to Leccio-Reggello from the south, but this is as much I can tell after consulting Google:

    First, take the train from Milan to Florence. Across the street from the railway station in central Florence, you will find a bus terminal for the SITA bus company. Their buses are all blue in colour.

    At the bus terminal just tell them that you want to go to THE MALL. Tickets are € 6.20 roundtrip and the journey takes about 50 minutes. The staff at the terminal will tell you about the schedule – I’ve been told that their English is just fine.

    Click here to find a guide that deals with the bus transport to Leccio-Reggello and The Mall. The schedule on page 2 may be used as an indication but please, confirm this before you go!

    Simple? Well, hardly. But the whole idea with these factory outlets is that they must be hard to get to, as the premium brands would otherwise destroy their own market.

    Good luck!

    :: hakan ::

  5. Hi hakan,

    I m planning a trip to Tuscany or US factory outlet just to shop till drop and would appreciate if u can tell me more about the discounted price in Tuscany outlet. For eg, Gucci store do they have 50% for all the handbags or only limited model while the rest only 10 to 20% cheaper than retail selling price of a typical Gucci boutique?

    And do you have any idea whether the price for designer brand in Tuscany factory outlet cheaper than price in US factory outlet? For eg, take Gucci or other brand as comparison.

    Thanks a lot and look forward to hear from u!


  6. Hi Gan,

    I’m afraid that I’m not really the right person to ask about prices in outlets. First; I’m not an outlet guy – I just happened to be in the area and the good people of Villa Fontelunga recommended the Prada Outlet and The Mall. With this being said, I would appreciate if any handbag aficionado could help me out in answering your question.

    Plus: I’m not American. I’m Swedish, which makes the comparison between US outlets and these Tuscan outlets a bit abstract to me.

    To consult a few sites specialized in outlet shopping or some googling is the best idea I can offer. Sorry for being so completely unable to help.

    All the best,

    :: hakan ::

  7. I was also a huge fan of The Mall and have been purchasing there for at least 6 years- yes this is the only reason that I went to Florence so often- the deals are worth it.

    Unfortunately I am having issues with a Gucci bag that I bought 5 years ago- it was one of the samples- so I was happy that not every second person was running around with the same handbag in this colour combination, because you could only buy it at The Mall.

    Now I need to have the handle repaired and my local Gucci store is claiming that it is a fake!!! So it is great buying the bags at cheaper prices, but dont go through the embarassment of trying to get service at one of their regular stores!

  8. hi ,

    i will be in firenze from the 2nd of april until the 9th of april(easter time) and was wondering if the space outlet will be open. because its quite a hassle to get to, i wouldn’t want to go all that way for nothing, could you please tell me when, exactly in easter it will be closed( which days)

    thank you

  9. sorry i meant, the mall not the space outlet


  10. Hi Chris,

    I am sorry to say that I have no update on the opening hours for The Mall, (the people at Prada occasionally send out info to guys like me – until now the good folks at The Mall have not).

    It’s worth pointing out that I am in no way affiliated with these outlet malls, so I have no secret pipeline to any info from them. Any info provided is from open sources only, (or my own experience from driving to there)… However, I googled the topic quickly and found this:

    The chapter that starts with ‘Festivities’ might have something for you.

    But for the most accurate info I’d recommend you to turn directly to the source, by calling them on +39-055-8657775

    Hope this helps,

    :: hakan ::

  11. Hi,

    I am planning for my shopping trip year 2012. however, not too sure when is the sales session happening in those outlet in Tuscany?


  12. Hi,

    One more quesition maybe you can help :)
    any recommended hostel which safe for gal near those outlet?


    • Hi again, Kelly!

      I’m sorry to be unable to answer your question, despite the fact that I just returned to civilization from another trip to Italy and Montevarchi, (and consequently, I did pop by at the Space Prada outlet).
      Certainly not a hostel, and therefore not the answer to your question, I’d still recommend the best hotel in the neighbourhood; Villa Sassolini, located in the tiny village of Moncioni, which in turn is located 9,5 km from the outlet (a rental car that handles well on insanely winding roads may come in handy). We’re talking about a 15th century house, well tucked away from the public eye. You’ll find driving directions and more here:

      It might be the one of a few options for those of you who want to both stay in a better place and just lose it completely in the temple of Prada. Sorry again Kelly, for being unable to give a proper answer to your question.

      :: h ::

  13. Hi Kelly!

    To my knowledge, the sale is on throughout the entire year, (I suppose that is the core idea behind these outlets – to sell the odd merchandise at constantly low prices). What is actually for sale is of course then depending of the season, (I’ll visit The Mall later this month and naturally I will report from that trip).

    As for hostels I’m really sorry for being unable to help you out. is all about what I’ve experienced and where I’ve stayed myself. I don’t dare to recommend any place without having 1st hand experience from it.

    All the best,

    :: h ::

  14. Hello,

    I plan to visit the mall in September and have the following questions:

    I can’t speak Italian, Is English a common language in the Mall for shopping?
    Is there a best time to shop or the discounts are offered throughout the year?
    Where else can I shop like the Mall offering similar discounts for branded goods?

    Many thanks in advance.



  15. @ John

    Hi there John,

    – no, you don’t have to speak Italian. English is a very well-working lingo at The Mall.
    – I’ve only been there twice myself – both times in June – and since there are some 20+ brands represented at The Mall, it seems entirely up to the brands what they want to offer. Shopping at The Mall is a bit of a lottery.
    However, I’ve been told that the sale of the autumn/winter collection starts in the beginning of January and the sale of the spring/summer collection kicks in sometime in mid-July.
    – I only recommend and review places where I have been myself, so even if I’ve heard about the Valdichiana Outlet Village, I’m not able to tell whether it’s worth the trip or not, so I’m afraid you will have to rely on other sources for that.
    One of the obvious places to go (that I have visited) is the almost legendary Space Prada Outlet. This is a factory outlet, where for instance most sizes of Prada’s shirts for men are available. Just click here to go to that post.

    Maybe the following is old news, but you’ll find a review from my 2nd visit to The Mall if you click here.

    Hope this helps!

    :: h ::


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