Azul – Lower East Side, Manhattan, NYC, NY ****

Q: What is it? A: A very nice Argentinian bistro at the heart of Loisaida. Recommended!

Cool Argentinian bistro? Sí, absolutamente!

On the corner of Stanton and Suffolk you will find this little Argentinian pearl of a bistro.

Very style-conscious. Loisaida style.

This image contains both Azul’s opening hours and phone number. Inserted into this post for your convenience. Bonus info: Azul was an Argentinian beer brand.

It’s been both a good place and a great place.
The experience is depending a little on whether it’s a crowded night or if there’s room between the tables. Service tend to be a little slow when you’re dining with eight friends. Service tend to be very personal and swift if you’re dining there a less crowded evening and having only one dinner companion.
It looks good from the outside and it’s somewhat familiar on the inside. You can’t but think ‘Haven’t I been here before?’ The reason? So many other places are trying to do the same little-bistro-on-the-corner-thing, but the Azul does it with so much more flair. And then it’s the food… Have the empanadas as a starter, have their excellent marinated beef, and for chrissake, don’t forget to order those mashed potatoes!

Azul is like a convertible.
If the evening is warm, ask for a table next to the glass doors. They will most likely be swung open. This little bistro on the corner is well worth the trip to the Lower East Side. So go there and enjoy their little-bistro-on-the-corner thing. Arrive there hungry, have dinner and get stuck over a bottle of fine wine, or use the place as a springboard for some extensive bar hopping in Loisaida.

152 Stanton St.
New York, NY 10002


Open: 6pm-midnight. Note: The Azul serves beer and wine only.

Directions for your cabbie: On the corner of Stanton and Suffolk.

Hotel on RivingtonAs you may have noticed, there’s a fine hotel in the area if you want to be able to walk home on your teeth: The Hotel on Rivington. Book it through

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