The Peninsula, Bangkok, Thailand ***

Q: What is it? A: Modern. Streamlined. Luxurious. One of Bangkok’s very finest. But no matter how streamlined it is, I can’t but think that it’s lacking a little bit of… heart and soul.

And the rooftop comes with a helipad!

The Peninsula at night. It measures 495 ft or 151 meters in height and has a nifty little heli-pad on the rooftop.

If you look closely you see where the Sirocco restaurant is located (just below the golden dome on the State Tower).

View from a room: The river. The State Tower with its golden dome. The Shangri-La Hotel. Could be much worse.

A Peninsula Hotel bed that would make even my drill sergeant happy.

Spacious. Extremely well thought out. And a bed made to almost military perfection.

Just after shooting this picture, I discovered the dead cockroach next to the fax.

The sleeping area shot from a different angle. Prior to taking this pic, I picked up a dead cockroach from the floor. The insect proved me with some kind of relief: A sign of life!

Marble. Mirrors. Sinks. Tubs. Showers. This place had more of everything.

It’s actually way, way larger than it looks in this picture: My bathroom. It had everything. Tub. Shower. WC behind frosted glass. Plus; every amenity you could ever think of.

Doors everywhere. Standing in the doorway to the walk-in closet. See the door to the bathroom?

It’s not that common for me to take pictures of closets in hotel rooms. The Peninsula Hotel was a notable exception. It was also a very large closet.

Outdoor dining? Fo'sho! This is the Thiptara.

Outdoor dining? Fo’sho! The Thiptara restaurant. Its greatest advantage: It doesn’t at all feel like you’re dining in a huge metropolis. The food is much better than OK as well.

Let’s start with some fair and balanced reporting here…
Several times while writing this, I’ve asked myself: How grumpy should I get? How can I not just appreciate perfection? If this was an objective review, the Peninsula should get a higher rating. It really should. I’ve rarely stayed at a place where everything has been so incredibly well thought-out. Every little detail in every room is designed, fitted and positioned for your convenience. That’s good. All rooms come with a river view. That’s good. A little connector for a pair of headphones is placed just behind the couch, should you feel like watching TV while your roommate wants to sleep. That’s good. And so the list goes on…

Even the location is close to perfect.
The view from my room on the 18th floor is a killer. I also have a small balcony. The pool area is incredibly wet and offers several options for you to plunge into. The bar near the water is exactly where I should put a bar, had I been the architect. The Thiptara restaurant is way better than most (TripAdvisor-ranking: # 88 out of 5,350 restaurants in Bangkok). The hotel is racking up good things and still I am only giving it three lousy stars!?
I’m trying to find imperfection. I don’t find it until I’m searching for an outlet to charge my laptop. By accident I open a panel marked ‘fax’ by the writing desk in my room. There’s the fax. There are a number of outlets and there’s also… a tiny cockroach. Dead. But it’s most definitely there. Instead of disgust, I feel somewhat relieved. Almost a sign of life. A pity it had to end through the effects of a strong insecticide.

It’s problem: Being too well thought-out and aiming to be too… perfect.
I’m trying to put my finger on it, but… this hotel is like a German manufacturer of house appliances. It opened its doors in 1998 but it still looks shiny brand new. Don’t get me wrong, I choose a squeaky-clean over a dirty one every day, but I tend to avoid perfection that is approaching the antiseptic. The Peninsula works so hard on achieving perfection, that members of the staff lose their warmth. They’re on duty. Perfectly drilled but… no, I am not buying into the concept completely.
On arrival a jazz band were playing in the lobby. They weren’t that good but they, along with the cockroach, proved to be some necessary dents in the Peninsula perfect paintwork. It’s still a very good hotel, rated # 4 out of 718 Bangkok hotels. It’s just happens to be not entirely my kind of Bangkok hotel.

The Peninsula Bangkok
‪333 Charoennakorn Road
Klongsan, Bangkok 10600


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