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Q: What is it? A: A slightly jaded boutique hotel in the very heart of SoHo. It’s a time-capsule. Looked just like when I stayed there in 2003. Undergoing renovations as this is written.


Designer Thomas O’Brien is the guy behind this room. It dates back to 2001. You may say that it is somewhat timeless. Or you may say that it's old and boring.

Thomas O’Brien’s interior design of Sixty Soho. It will be interesting to see what the renovations will do to the rooms. In all fairness; they do need an overhaul.

Numerous celebrities have stayed at the 60 Thompson. So, maybe Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera shat here. Or maybe they shat in the Thompson suite.

Numerous celebrities have stayed at the Sixty Soho (although they checked in at the 60 Thompson). One website lists Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera. Maybe they shat here. Or maybe they shat in the Thompson suite.

This phone earned itself an obvious nickname in Sweden: The Cobra. Designed by Ralph Lysell and Gösta Thames. Launched in 1956.

There’s a vintage phone from Sweden in the lobby: The Cobra, designed by Ralph Lysell and Gösta Thames. Launched in 1956. Over 2 millions of these reptiles were sold.

Proof that 60 Thompson will be undergoing extensive renovations in 2013.

The exterior of the Sixty Soho. It should be noted that those graffiti letters weren’t part of the original design.

Can’t say I was excited…
The hotel formerly known as 60 Thompson was never a very spectacular hotel. It didn’t have the grand façade of the Soho Grand and it didn’t have the spectacular lobby of the Hudson. Still, after its opening on September 11 in 2001, it quickly established itself as a very busy after-work scene. I was highly surprised when I stayed here for the first time in a year after its opening and I’ve been just as surprised on later occasions. On check-in almost exactly eleven years later, I’m stepping out of a time machine… it really feels like the clocks stopped in the early 00s.

Because first impressions last.
Entering one of the 100 rooms does nothing to change that first impression. It’s certainly not unpleasant but it certainly feels like yesterday. OK, I’ll be fair; the TV is flat and there’s an iPod dock on the sideboard (haven’t touched my iPod after 2006). Taking a second look. There’s a shower curtain in the bathroom. How 96-ish! Also, some of the furniture looks like it has survived a few in-room parties. It’s clean but jaded. Thomas O’Brien did a decent job on the interior but this place needs a facelift. Renovations have just started (April 2013).

What draws people to this place?
I don’t have scientific proof to back this up, but what keeps the Sixty Soho running is its staff. Doormen are friendly. Front desk will deliver smiles even though they are busy. The bartenders at Thom know their stuff. That could be the reason why it maintains its position as a after-work spot and then gradually transforms into a party spot. Returning to the hotel after a dinner makes you wonder if you’re in the right place. It’s surprisingly lively. Therefore, avoid the lower floors but don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a little bit of the The rooftop is occupied by A60, a members-only bar (hotel guests gain access to it by their key card).

“If you call us a boutique hotel chain, I’m going to scream…”
Those are the words of Michael Pomeranc, the eldest of the brothers who run the Sixty hotels. But a boutique hotel is just what the 60 Thompson was and Sixty Soho is. The brothers would prefer to label their company ”a small luxury hotel group”. But this place is not about luxury. It’s a slightly jaded but well-managed. Rates mean you need to flex that plastic (yes, a tad expensive for what you get) and I would certainly wait until renovations are finished in August 2013 before booking myself in for another stay. Perhaps it will shine once again, or maybe it will just remain that competent, understated place with two Swedish cobra telephones in the lobby…

Renovations? Yes, during 2013, the 60 Thompson hotel will be undergoing a facelift (ground floor, lobby, and rooms) from April 23rd-August 1st. The hotel is working to ”ensure minimal disturbances to guest’s stays during this time”. Or so they say.
Now, with the new name in place, I hope that renovations are finished. I’ll soon check.

Sixty Soho
60 Thompson St.
New York, NY 10012
United States


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