La Suite West, Bayswater, London, UK ***

Q: What is it? A: A pretty new place for those who would like a hotel in a decent location that is not too expensive. Expect small rooms, though.

Note the tiny space between the bed and the wall!

This is called a Paddington Room. I’d call it a very small bedroom at La Suite West. Not the many mirrors, nor my wide-angle lens can disguise the fact that it’s actually tiny.

Get your marble overdose right here!

Get your overdose of marble in your bathroom at La Suite West. Funny fact: The heated floor was indeed hot (almost too hot) with no visible option to turn the temperature down.

Description: To the left: The door. In the middle: The kitchenette. To the right: The closet.

The kitchenette at La Suite West. About as tiny as it looks!

La Suite West occupies a fair portion of the Inverness Terrace.

Room with a view of Inverness Terrace. In the bargain: Four magazines. Stationary. A remote control. Plus a miniature bag of chocolate!

The concept should be absolutely bombproof.
London is notorious for expensive hotel rooms. In this city expensive may at the same time mean bad. But apparently someone found the recipe for a successful hotel: Find yourself a somewhat overlooked London area that is close to communications but on a not so busy street. Acquire a property that is big enough for creating 80 bedrooms. Then let a well-known designer have her way with the interior (but don’t let her go to extremes – make it modern, but not overly modernist). Finally, put a reasonable price tag on it and wait for the first guests to arrive. It should work pretty well and in many aspects it does.

Anouska Hempel created the world’s first boutique hotel. And now this.
In 1978 the former Bond-girl* opened the doors to the very first boutique hotel in the world, the somewhat eccentric-looking Blakes in Kensington. La Suite West has borrowed more from her second hotel, The Hempel, which located a mere 8-minute walk from La Suite West. But the places are very different. At the Hempel I got the room where David Beckham used to stay. At La Suite West I got the room where the smurfs had been staying. No, it doesn’t look like a mushroom. It just seems designed for a person three apples tall. In other words: It’s tiny.

For the solo-traveller who wants a no-nonsense place to stay.
Staying here means that you will not end up in another Bayswater place with a mold infested bathroom where pubic hairs clogs the shower drain and the fitted carpet is inhabited by various life-forms. La Suite West is almost brand new (it opened in early fall 2012). It was created as “a destination choice for the stylish, savvy traveller”. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t fit that description completely. But if you’re not in the mood for spending a gazillion on a hotel room, then consider La Suite West. Check around on this site and you’ll find even more affordable hotels with more atmosphere, but those would normally be located at the back of beyond. The combo of decent standard/fair price/pretty good location is the raison d’être of this hotel. A good reason to be, if you ask me.

*Anouska Hempel plays one of the “Angels of Death” in the 1969 classic Bond-movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

La Suite West
41-51 Inverness Terrace
London W2 3JN
United Kingdom


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