The Chedi Milan, Milan, Italy **

The view from my room at the Chedi Hotel.
The thingie in the middle is the Duomo di Milano. It’s pretty far away. Especially if you’re driving your own car during rush hour.

As soon as you see this hotel in any magazine or on any website, this is what you’ll see: The pool at Chedi Milan.
This is the almost world famous indoor pool at the Chedi Milan. Beware! The water is much colder than you’d expect.

The rooms at the Chedi Milan. They’re clean. They’re rather spacious. That makes them OK.
I think it looks very much like any other room these days. But who am I to complain? Plus; the bed was extremely comfortable.

Because first impressions last.
The following is a quote from the hotel’s website: “You are our special guest in our unique and tranquil urban resort. We strive to meet your every need.” OK, how about meeting my basic needs? It’s quite interesting to arrive at a hotel where the hotel staff is too busy with themselves to help you with your bags. The rental car was left for quite a while in the street as I dragged my bags myself to the front desk. And then what? Credit card doesn’t work? The staff was struggling for half a minute and then decided that it did work after all. In fact, they decided that it worked so well that they preferred to charge the card for my stay on the spot. Odd. What about incidentals? A place that claims to be a luxury hotel should try harder to make a better first impression, or it won’t survive.

Do you want to stay in the city?
The Chedi Milan is a brand new building with 250 rooms built only last year. One website called the location ‘unexpected’. This is just a clever way to say that the hotel is quite far from the city center (some 20 minutes by cab). Look at the top picture and the jagged thing in the middle. That’s is the Duomo di Milano. Imagine the distance between there and this hotel. I bet that it’s a strategic move by the GHM hotel family in order to attract the more demanding visitors to the trade shows at the Fiera Milano, located 3,5 km away. But the GHM family will have to work very hard to attract guests to the hotel. They must.
Maybe they expect the spa to do the trick. Before I book myself in, I’m exposed to at least twenty pictures of the pool. And having access to a pool is not bad at all. At least not if you think you’ll survive 22 degree water temperatures.

They say it’s an oasis. Sure.
On the web I’m also being told numerous times that the GHM family also includes places like the Setai in Miami and the Legian in Bali. That’s very nice, but in my opinion the Chedi Milan have a long, long journey to make before they will be mentioned in the same sentence as the Setai. First they have to make sure that the staff will not treat guests like a hangover.
One hotel booking website claims that “The Chedi provides a Milan oasis like no other”. I’d say this hotel may be an option for those who are in town to attend trade shows or exhibitions. If you’re not one of those, then I would recommend other alternatives to this, ahem… oasis.

The Chedi Milan
Via Villapizzone 24
20156 Milan

+39 02 36318011

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