Cassa Hotel New York, Midtown, Manhattan, NYC ***

Q: What is it? A: A hi-rise building not too far from Times Square where small, yet functional rooms are offered at an often very reasonable price. And yes, most often the staff will care about your wellbeing.

Cassa Hotel, Midtown Manhattan, New York – bedroom
This is not all of it, but most of it. It’s a bedroom and that is what this hotel will offer its clientele. With that being said, I bet most of those I bumped into in the elevator or the minimal lobby were in town for business.

Cassa Hotel, Midtown Manhattan, New York – bathroom
The (surprisingly large) bathroom. Functional. Clean. Modern. No complaints. Or as a hotel booking site put it to make their guests more pumped: ”Add Frette bathrobes and Neil George bath products and you know that you’re onto something good.”

Cassa Hotel, Midtown Manhattan, New York – living room
Just to give you a peek of the rest of the room. View from the bathroom. The top picture is snapped from where the mirror is. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t have chosen that wall-to-wall carpet. No way, José.

Cassa Hotel, Midtown Manhattan, New York – view from my room
The lovely view. Of a Midtown office building. Or 62 W 45th Street, to be precise. Well, at least glancing out the window acts as a reminder that you’ve ended up in area code 10036 in the Enormous Avocado.

Cassa Hotel – Midtown, New York, NY – the reception
The reception looks cold and futuristic and yes, it is. Attention of the staff will vary – but don’t get me wrong, they’re all nice but the amazing and very lovely Tiffany deserves a special honorable mention.

Cassa Hotel, Midtown Manhattan, New York – the exterior
Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos (who is also behind the Hôtel Americano in Chelsea) did the exterior. Part of the building is also apartments for rent. A 661 sq.ft. condo with bath will cost you around $8500/month but then you’ll be living on the 29th floor. And just look at that ‘Opening Soon’-sign!

I repeat: It’s close to Times Square!
Yeah, Times Square… In my book it’s about as exiting as a delayed boarding at Newark Airport. So WHAT am I doing in this hotel? Firstly, it was conveniently located, not too many blocks away from work. Secondly, the rate was unheard of. About half the price of a place just next door that I happen to like. Thirdly, from the descriptions, the Cassa didn’t sound too bad, so I decided to give it a try. This 165-room joint opened in August 2010 and the overall feel is that it’s a place for folks like me; being in the city for business. If you seek the attention and want the lobby to be a scene or a social place, stay somewhere else. I averaged 30 seconds per day in the public spaces.

For many, I guess this location is pretty awesome.
What is right for you is of course right for you. I find NYC way too big to roam around in, so I’d normally just find a spot and enjoy the immediate surroundings. But I know that many first-timers in the city arrive the ambition to see everything. And if you need to venture out in different directions during your stay, this place, located between Times Square and Grand Central Station, may very well do the trick.

Cassa is primarily a business hotel.
Celeb-packed NoHo restaurant/lounge Butter will soon launch a Midtown outpost in the basement. It won’t be affiliated with the hotel, but I still believe that it will be a welcome addition to the Cassa, which currently feels a little empty. In all honesty, I don’t think the Viceroy group could promote this as anything else than a quite affordable hotel with small but rather comfortable and reasonably attractive rooms. The staff manning the front desk are helpful people when you need them, without being overly focused on service (no room service, among other things). Yet again, the price tag is a sensible one.

Those who need it may unleash their plastic some 482 meters away, in the area with more t-shirts and souvenirs per square meters than any other place in this city.

Cassa Hotel
70 W 45th Street
New York, NY 10036
United States


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