Trattoria Degli Orti, Milan, Italy *****

Q: What is it? A: The most amazing trattoria in the entire world? It could be.

Quite a lot points in the direction of this being the world's most ultimate trattoria.

Quite a lot points in the direction of this being the world’s most ultimate trattoria. The direction? Via Monviso, 13 in Milan.

It’s been here since 1907.
You can almost feel the history in the tiny room with its dark, painted shelves. There are no more than 50 seats. A cool black and white Fausto Coppi bicycle poster on the wall. For Bianchi. Coppi managed to win five Giro d’Italia AND the two Tour de France AND the World Championship in 1953. I’m hungry. I’m happy. This place matches exactly the projected image of what local dining in Milan is supposed to be all about.

The language barrier is enormous.
The staff has very limited knowledge of English. My Italian is non-existent. But we use hands, nods and smiles and very soon the guys in the kitchen are sending their guests into Lombardy, on a culinary ride. The gnocchi is amazing. The different risotti are to die for. Their pisarei e fasò (bread dumplings with beans) should get awards. And let’s not even go into the desserts… All I can say is that I was happy to have the hotel on the same block.

I wish I spoke a little Italian.
I really wanted to thank the kitchen and the staff in a proper way. Now, communication was limited to some thumbs up. But I think they got the message. And they got paid as well, but first I thought that they had written the wrong amount on the bill. Trattoria Degli Orti is cheap, especially considered the level of their Milanese/Lombardian cuisine. Expect to pay about €35 per person. Expect to be amazed.

Trattoria Degli Orti
Via Monviso, 13
I-20154 Milano (MI)
+39-02-3310-1800 (NEW NUMBER!)

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