Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

I used to have a series of posts called Pic of the Week. I don’t have anymore, but I still wanted to keep this pic, therefore it may now feel slightly odd; here for no reason at all. Deal with it, friends!

The Golden Gate Bridge – the main suspension cable leading to the north pylon.

If it looks somewhat familiar to you, you may
have seen the James Bond movie “View to a Kill”.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge, built in the year 1937. It is a suspension bridge spanning the opening into the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The bridge has a main span of 1280 m and the two towers rise 230 m above the water.
The diameter of the main suspension cables is 0,91 m. In the final scene of the James Bond movie “View to a Kill”, 007 (Roger Moore) and Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) fight while standing on these cables. Zorin finally slips off the support cable and plunges into the waters below. Tough luck.

Photographer: Hakan Nyberg
Country: United States

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  1. Mycket informativ . Jag är tacksam av all Information som du delar med mig jag har just nu delat denna artikel på Stumbleupon;) Ha en kul dag & (läsa mer i framtiden


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