6 Columbus – Uptown, Manhattan, NYC **

Q: What is it? A: A non-luxury design hotel if there ever was one. Clearly positioned in the value-segment and if you get here during a week with low rates, you’re in for a bargain. Just don’t expect too much. OK?

6 Columbus, a Thompson Hotel – Uptown, NYC – bedroom
It doesn’t look that bad, does it? It’s essentially a room built around a bed. But it’s a comfy bed and it’s a rather attractive room with an original print by one of fashion photography’s greatest ever, the late Guy Bourdin, over the bed.

6 Columbus, a Thompson Hotel – Uptown, NYC – bathroom
I will stay here again soon and then deliver a review that is more in touch with what’s normal in NYC. Reason: I stayed here during the coldest day in Central Park in 118 years. City Mayor warned folks: “Don’t go out if you don’t need to go out.” The bathroom? Chilly as can be. Not normal at all.

6 Columbus, a Thompson Hotel – Uptown, NYC – exterior
Right across the street from the Time Warner building you will find the 6 Columbus. To the right of the entrance, there’s the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill. A busy place. A scene. Which is a good sign for any hotel, if you ask me.

Columbus Circle isn’t that bad.
The target group for this hotel is probably huge. It should be. Location is pretty good. It’s a mere 90-second walk from Central Park. And if you have an appointment with CNN’s Pierce Morgan, just avoid getting killed by a taxi when crossing the street. Plus; after the Time Warner Center was completed in 2003, the number of better establishments around Columbus Circle exploded; Per Se, Masa, A Voce, Marea, Jean Georges… together those five restaurants pack a staggering 12 stars from that French tyre-maker.

It comes with a busy bar scene.
The 6 Columbus welcomed its first guests in October 2007 along with the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill. I’ll let the review of TimeOut NY speak for itself: ”…two dozen appetizers, not including 8 soups and 11 types of salad, plus steaks, poultry and tempura–proves disparately hit-or-miss…” In all honesty the reviewer praises the sushi, but the main attraction of the Blue Ribbon remains the late hours. It opens at noon and stays that way until 2 AM every night. Yeah, the place is busy. Not bad for a budget-y hotel.

Now, what about the hotel?
A slower-than-expected check-in and those quite depressing blue corridors brought my hotel-stoke down. Compared to the public spaces, the room with its slightly modernist teak wood furnishings and an original print by the late French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, provided a huge relief. I’d even say that the interior designer, Steven Scarloff, did a decent job. The bathroom looked equally good, but since I arrived on the coldest day in Central Park in 118 years, it wasn’t exactly a pleasure to enter the shower. A hotel employee claimed that engineering was investigating the room temperature, but… here I am still waiting to hear what they found.

Don’t expect too much and everything will probably be alright.
The hotel has only 88 rooms but with such low rates you should have fair expectations on the level of service. At this moment, I’ll rate it as low as two stars, but as a few of the misses were related to some quite unusual climate-related circumstances, I’ll give the 6 Columbus another chance. This is a Thompson Group-hotel so it’s no surprise that it comes with an indoor/outdoor rooftop lounge. It has views over Central Park and deserves to be tested. Thoroughly.

The single most common question I get from travelers is ”know any good hotels with great rates in NYC?” Therefore I consider the target group for this hotel being very, very real.

6 Columbus
6 Columbus Circle
308 W 58th Street
New York, NY 10019
United States


Tell your cabbie to take you to 308 West 58th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue.

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