60 Thompson, Manhattan, New York ***

This phone earned itself an obvious nickname in Sweden: The Cobra. Designed by Ralph Lysell and Gösta Thames. Launched in 1956.

Two beige Swedish ‘Cobra’ telephones in the lobby.
I notice them from like a mile away: The two beige Swedish cobra telephones in the lobby. Somebody definitely made an extra effort here, turning the interior into something special, brown and beige and cosy and rather cool. This hotel has been labeled ‘design hotel’ and ’boutique hotel’ and ’boutique design hotel’ and more. Avoid reading the ‘mission’ statement on the hotel’s website. It sounds like a practical joke from some kids from the school of design.

A more mature boutique hotel?
In reality, 60 Thompson IS a boutique hotel for those who already managed to grow up. The atmosphere is more mature than at, for instance, The Hudson. That doesn’t mean that the bar on the lobby floor is not a loud and crazy place. Watch out, because it is, especially after work. But the whole place is more, er… sophisticated. At least, it makes you feel that way.

The location is outstanding.
It’s exactly where you want to be if SoHo and TriBeCa are the right areas for you. West Broadway is just a block away. And the Thompson street (yes, it’s on # 60) is very quiet. Which is a luxury considered that this is, after all, Manhattan, NYC. So why isn’t this a five-star-place? The rooms, by designer Thomas O’Brien are small, but that’s what you’d expect in New York today. Worse is that both rooms and lobby are beginning to look a bit worn. The fact that the members of the staff in both the reception and bar area are great people can’t really compensate for that. And prices are very New Yorkish as well. But if you manage to get a good deal, it’s definitely worth it.

You might have to pay for the upper floors but it’s worth it.
Also, try to get a room or a suite on one of the upper floors. Then you might even get a room with a view. The air exhausts I had outside my window during my whole stay, may help the hotel to chill in the summertime. Looking at them isn’t as cool, though.

60 Thompson
60 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012
United States

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