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Sanctuary SoBe, Miami South Beach, FL – sometimes you are supposed to be happy with 50%.
The so called Japanese courtyard at the Sanctuary SoBe. At the far end of it, there was an elevator with a malfunctioning door. It was apparently sentenced to death by opening and closing. Because it did so when I arrived and it still did so when I checked out.

The concept sounded foolproof. It wasn’t.
Let’s say you have a concept for a hotel in Miami South Beach. Let’s say you’ve noticed that certain guests don’t want to live smack in the middle of the party scene. Then you find this property. It’s not on a busy street. You decide to make it worth the short walk. You make sure that there’s a pool deck, a pretty cool lobby and that rooms are much better than expected. And still it falls flat.

Face it: Miami is not a summer destination.
Summers are much slower than winters. Bars are less crowded. Prices are substatially lower. Of course there’s a catch: The climate. The initial shockwave of humid air is always a surprise when you debark at Miami International. With time you get somewhat used to it but, I was not surprised to learn that when the sales of airconditioning systems took off during the 50s, the population of Florida increaded by 79%.
And maybe it’s the slow season, but during my visit, the Sanctuary is not functioning properly. The restaurant is there alright, but there’s no staff. And the aforementioned elevator door opens and closes around the clock. It does so on arrival. And it does so when I’m checking out. Strange.

Rooms look very fine.
Fully equipped kitchens. An espresso machine. A wine cooler/refrigerator. Monster bathtubs. Everything looks top notch, just like the restaurant. It actually feels a bit weird to take a walk around this hotel… Somebody went through a lot of trouble and spent a lot of money to furnish it with quite exclusive and contemporary stuff, but the staff is simply not around. At least not this time of the year. Strange.

I think this could be a very sensible choice in SoBe.
Maybe it is good. I don’t know. They sure didn’t show it when I was around. With only 30 rooms, I imagine that the level of service could be superb if there only was any. Later, when I read some reviews online, I get the feeling that no matter what time of the year, the folks at Sanctuary SoBe are not getting their shit together properly. Strange. If you manage to get a good deal, consider it as the location is great. But… I just hope that there are people around to take care of you. If you have had a better experience than me at the Sanctuary SoBe, please let me know. I really would like to like this place.

Sanctuary South Beach
1745 James Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
United States


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