Free WiFi spots in New York City

Tourist in the Big Pomegranate? Wanna fight ludicrous phone bills? Then WiFi is your good friend. In New York, authorities and organizations know what makes both tourists and citizens happy. Here’s where you go for your free fix of megabytes:

Everything is in the cloud these days, so… better find those spots with free WiFi and take advantage of it! (excuses for this caption, which is close to what in Sweden is referred to as a ‘Göteborgare’ – a Gothenburger – which in essence is the kind of pun that makes you go ‘Unnggggg…’)

Known for free WiFi since 2002. The park network now has the capacity of serving thousands of users. If you want to stay in the hood, stay in style, at the Bryant Park Hotel in the former American Radiator Building.
The network’s name:

A fairly new network, proudly sponsored by Google. Covers the area from 8th Avenue to West Side Highway and in a north-south direction 19th Street down to Gansevoort Street. Pretty powerful for being a public network – the speed is roughly half of what most of us have at home. And now you have the reason why so many laptops and tablets are seen on the High Line.
The network’s name: CIC Free WiFi

Hotspots are found at Pier 1 and Pier 6 in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Tourists who ask themselves Where’s that? may check this concert video by U2. There’s another hotspot in the northernmost part of the park between Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge.
The networks’ names: Dumbo Wireless and attwireless

Situated between 23rd and 26th Street between Broadway and Madison. In the park you’ll also find a Shake Shack = burgers of sterling quality and Eleven Madison Park – one of the world’s finest spots for fine dining. (You need to book well in advance to have the chance to a table)
The network’s name: NYC Wireless.

Busy place. Its northwest corner is often turned into a street market. The network has a capacity of around 250 users. Covers the area from 14th to 17th Street between Broadway and Park. On a side street you’ll find East 15, which is one of the better sushi joints in NYC.
The network’s name: unionsquarewifi

Parts of the park will offer visitors free WiFi:
– The area around the Central Park Zoo. Location: Fifth Ave and East 64th Street.
– Rumsey Playfield – at the baseball pitches and that outdoor stage. Location: Fifth Ave and East 72nd Street.
– Tavern on the Green – which is also a nice place for a meal. Location: West 66th Street and West 67th Street.
– The area around Mineral Springs Pavilion and Le Pain Quotidien. Location: 2 West 69th Street north of Sheep Meadow.
For all these WiFi spots in Central Park, look up this network: attwireless

Hopefully this will save you a few hard-earned tourist dollars. And to be honest, I know of very few other ways to make a city friendlier for visitors and citizens alike. Companies should take every opportunity to sponsor these networks – customers will respond with love, affection and – in the long run – cash. Did you hear me, Stockholm?

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