Louisa’s Place, Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany **

Q: What is it? A: A rather anonymous place on the Ku’Damm with rather anonymous rooms and a restaurant where the chef once won the World Risotto Cooking Championships. Nothing is bad, everything is nice and clean but… anonymous!

Can you spot the hotel in this picture?

Location is pretty OK depending on which part of Berlin you fancy, (address: Ku’damm 160 in Charlottenburg). The restaurant, Balthazar, is quite alright as well.

Wanna make a baby? No?

Getting some inspiration for making babies? No? It’s not that the rooms, ahem… suites at Louisa’s Place are bad or anything. They are just not fun enough to stay in.

Who designed this bathroom?

Here’s my version of what happened: The designer left for an afternoon snack and in the meantime the builder’s finished this bathroom. The result is visible above.

There are no rooms in this hotel. Only 47 suites.
If you want space you will not be disappointed. The word ‘suite’ is actually a bit misleading. Apartment would be a better description, as Louisa’s Place offer a fully functional kitchen in every room, ahem… suite. That seems to be the way they do things in Berlin. More often rooms come with fridges and dishwashers than not. Maybe you need to stay here for a few weeks and litter the place with packages of corn flakes, receipts and external hard drives to enjoy it fully. Without the stuff that normally makes a home a home, the room, ahem… suite felt rather cold end empty. Don’t get me wrong, it was clean, comfortable and reasonably well thought out. It just felt – empty.

I bet some people want a hotel to be just like this.
The website I used for booking Louisa’s Place says that it is, ”formal and elegant”. True, if elegance is your way of spelling marble and thick carpets. It simply looks like the quintessential high-end hotel. Not very exciting. The staff is nice, though. Not warm but nice. They are trumpeting their spa services, (including a fair-sized gym and a plunge pool), which I didn’t try. I did, however, have dinner at the restaurant, which deserves an honorable mention. It was way better than expected. And not that it’s essential information, but its head chef, Holger Zurbrüggen, won the world risotto cooking championship held in Italy in 1999, so check the menu for anything risottoish.

Location? Not that bad.
I’d like to stress that this is not central Berlin. This is Charlottenburg in the western part of town and it’s quite a long ride to the funkier parts of the Mitte borough, (if that is what you want from Berlin). On the other hand, the location is very OK if you like the idea of the Guccis, the Bvlgaris and the Chanels of this world all lining up along a 3,5 km boulevard. The Kurfürstendamm is all that, plus you can buy a Porsche there too.
All in all Louisa’s Place come with some nice touches, so why the two-star review? Well, I thought it over a few times before posting this and yes, it’s a fine hotel but is simply not for me. Actually, once I went out the front door, I didn’t remember ever staying there.

Louisa’s Place
Kurfürstendamm 160, Charlottenburg
D-10709 Berlin


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  1. I agree with this post. Had a chance to stay in this place some time ago. The level of service is amazing. I hope they will keep it up. This is my favorite place for accommodation in Berlin so far.


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