K West Hotel & Spa, Sheperd’s Bush, London, England ***

The exterior of the K West Hotel & Spa
It’s not exactly Leicester Square but remind yourself of the cost
every now and then and you will have a very pleasant stay.

Rooms at the K West Hotel & Spa are… surprisingly good.
It looks nice and it’s comfy, and comes with the same price tag as the Quality Inn just near King’s Cross.

It’s a bathroom that could have suited a three times more expensive room.
Add some cotton buds and a luxury soap bar and this could
have been in a place with a price tag four times as high.

You won’t rub shoulders with Madonna but it’s a decent bar.
They called it the K Lounge. For being in a hotel that’s almost
in the burbs, it’s pretty OK. Even the DJ took his job seriously.

The single most common question…
…I get about travel: Do you know a reasonably priced hotel in London? Well, here it is. It’s quite hard to beat the price tag if you don’t want to spend your sleeping hours in one of those bug infested dumps in Bayswater that has been sprinkled with stains, muck and occasional pubic hairs. As always, when it comes to staying in London, it’s the less-than-central location that will help you to not break the piggy bank. The K West Hotel & Spa is located not very far from the Sheperd’s Bush tube station, from which there are 7 stops on the Central line to Oxford Circus.

For the price, rooms are nothing but amazing.
Take a look at the pictures above. The bathroom was not overflowing with amenities but it’s of high standard and wouldn’t look out-of-place in a hotel with a three times higher price tag. The bottle of Fiji mineral water next to your bed will cost you £ 4,50, but that would happen at the Hempel as well. So what do you pay? This weekend, the price tag was exactly £ 100 per night. In London Staying at the Comfort Inn at the King’s Cross railway station will relieve you of the same amount. The K West Hotel & Spa is simply serious value for money. So what’s the catch? Is there even one?

What to expect? Just be realistic.
The hotel has 220 rooms but you don’t see much of the staff. Forget turn downs. Don’t expect an army of bell boys. Have realistic expectations on the hotel kitchen. Face it, the K West Hotel & Spa is not a place for those who want round the clock service butler style. However, everybody will greet you with a smile. The Czech born waiter with the gay voice is much friendlier than you’d expect and the bar is suprisingly crowded at eleven on a Friday night. There’s even a DJ who seems to take his job seriously. Also, the hotel knows where they are at, so you’ll often find numerous private hire cabs waiting outside, (taxis without the sign on the roof but a sticker in the window).

So who is it for?
I would not book myself in over the weekend if I was travelling with kids. I would not spend a romantic weekend here. I’d say that you will check out as a happy guest if you’re a self-sufficient traveller or in town for business but know your way around. If there was a special budget category on this site, I’d give it four shining stars. As that is not the case, the K West Hotel & Spa will receive three solid stars, but the overall impression when looking at your credit card bill is better. Much better.

K West Hotel & Spa
Richmond Way
London, W14 0AX
United Kingdom

+44 20 8008 6600

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