Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany ***

Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin – the doorbell

This is not a hotel.
This is a work of art. Lars Stroschen, the creator of Propeller Island City Lodge is very clear when dealing with the topic on his website, writing things like ”living in a work of art” or ”a stay-in work of sculpture”. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for this, when picking the Propeller Island for your Berlin stay. The office hours may give you a hint. The phone is open for reservations weekdays between 8.00 and 12.00. For the other hours, e-mail is the option.

I avoided the coffins and stayed in the ‘Orange Room’.
The Propeller Island City Lodge has 30 rooms. I stayed in the ”Orange Room” which means that every surface in the whole room, with the exception of the glass windows has been painted orange. This design is pretty low-key. My friend Anders stayed in the black and white room. Think Keith Haring minus erected penises. The most talked about room in the building has two coffins acting as beds. It has been featured everywhere, from posh Swedish interior magazines to the Boston Herald. Just google it and see what comes up.

Please, note that there is no front desk.
The office is open 8-12 AM CET. The hotel (or should we say Lars) is very focused on your arrival time – which is because he must be there to open the door for you. Lars wasn’t born to be a hotel manager. He used to be a musician. But he is a pleasant guy, so you will most probably feel very welcome to Propeller Island. Lars is the one fixing breakfast and he does it well. So forget about 24-hour room service. You will be taken care of by Lars and that is not a bad thing at all. Of course there are downsides with having just Lars around. If you have an early flight out of Berlin, you have to wait for Lars in order to return the key to your room. And Lars arrives at eight zero zero.

I am happy to recommend the Propeller Island.
It’s great value for money. It’s fun. It’s special. When you’ve stayed here, you may tick the box ‘Stayed at Propeller Island’ and you have a better story to tell when returning from Berlin. But it’s hardly a place you return to over and over again. But big ups to Lars to be crazy enough to accept visitors to his home. The world would be significantly more boring without people like him.

NOTE: In Lars Stroschen’s opinion the whole of Propeller Island is a work of art. Consequently, he wouldn’t be happy to find my pictures from the rooms on this page. Until I have talked to Lars, this picture of the door-bell at the entrance will have to represent the Propeller Island.

Propeller Island City Lodge
Albrecht Achilles Straße 58
10709 Berlin
+49-891-90-16 (between 8-12 A.M.)

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