Torre d’Alta Mar, Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain ***

Torre d’Alta Mar, Barcelona, Spain ***
It has been described as a mile-high gastro club. I agree
with that description. But I don’t feel like I’m a likely member.

The sunset, as seen from Torre d’Alta Mar, Barcelona.
This is the raison d’être of this restaurant. Yep. You’d choose the place mainly for
the view. It’s good to see the sun set knowing that a proper meal is coming up.

The ride down the 75m-high tower afterwards.
Even if you don’t suffer from vertigo, the 75-meter vertical ride in the glass elevator is spectacular.

A restaurant in the top of the cable-car tower!?
The dual use idea may not be such a bad one after all. The red cable cars taking visitors up to Montjuïc are rare sightings but the towers are there and they are 75 meters high (246 ft). This may not sound like much but in that glass elevator the ride will affect you, even if you are not suffering from vertigo. It sure qualifies as a tourist trap but a quick look at the menu will tell you that the Torre d’Alta Mar have higher ambitions than just offering you a nice sunset view.

For dates and power dinners.
As a guest you may feel a little out of place if you’re not out on a date; or if you are not out to impress your mother-in-law or a client. Service is friendly but there’s something quite uncasual about the setting. It is designed for special occasions. Also; with this price bracket comes a certain clientele. You are likely to encounter tanned, well-shaven Scandinavian bankers dressed like Gordon Gecko or well-fed Catalonian business men on medication for high cholesterol, flashing slightly younger, ahem… wives and very heavy watches. If you fit into any of those categories, so much the better – this place is for you!

You may notice that I haven’t yet mentioned the food.
The food is prepared in a competent manner. In my book that stands for a good meal but not a memorable one. The menu revolves around fish and seafood. As far as I remember, I had scallops and and sea bass. It didn’t strike me as tasting anything but fine but, as mentioned, it was nothing that particularly stood out. Dessert was fantastic, though. In short, you will remember that you had dinner in a tower but you won’t remember the food. Needless to say, you should request a window table because even if the Torre d’Alta Mar is a three-star experience overall, it will offer you a five-star view!

Opening hours: Daily 1-3:30pm and 8:45-11:30pm
Location: Barceloneta
Nearest Metro: Barceloneta (although taking the Metro + booking a table here = unlikely)

Torre d’Alta Mar
Passeig de Joan de Borbón 88
Torre de Sant Sebastia,
Barcelona, 08039


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