Frantzén/Lindeberg, Stockholm, Sweden *****

A more recent visit to Frantzén/Lindeberg, (after they got their 2nd Michelin star), can be found here!

Already a classic: The cheeseburger at Frantzén/Lindeberg.
Not your ordinary cheeseburger. This is version 2.0.

Cool? Yes. Confident? Yes. But with a relaxed professionalism.
Well-being professionals: Felix Bergman and Jon Bergqvist, sommeliers at Frantzén/Lindeberg.

The sign to look out for: Frantzén/Lindeberg in the corner of Lilla Nygatan and Tyska Brinken.
Look out for this tiny brown sign in the Old Town of Stockholm.
Location: In the corner of Lilla Nygatan 21 and Tyska Brinken.

Once again: A more recent visit to Frantzén/Lindeberg can be found here!

Absolutely, totally awesome!
I had eaten at Frantzén/Lindeberg before. Therefore expectations where nothing but sky-high. To my pleasure they were exceeded. This is simply one of the best culinary experiences you can have if you’re in this northern corner of Europe. But it’s not just the food. It’s the fingerspitzengefühl of the young and very professional staff who take care of you at this tiny, 18-seat establishment.

The food.
It is highly possible that the chefs behind Frantzén/Lindeberg are mad. Reading the menu can not and will not prepare you for the meal as the menu changes almost daily but revolves around what is in season. Norwegian hand-dived scallops from Flöja, 23,75-carat gold, 100-year old balsamico vinegar, bee pollen, rock salt from Kashmir, chicken skin, bleak roe from Kalix… There are also a few classics. Most notable is the tiny cheeseburger with two little bottles for ketchup and mustard which are actually, well… something else. It is of course cooking at the highest level. Also; arriving to the table equipped with a sense of humour won’t hurt you.

The staff.
Style and professionalism is the first thing that goes through my head. Almost four hours later, I want to hire these guys to hang out with me and my friends. Make no mistake; at Frantzén/Lindeberg you are greeted and treated with all the attention you could expect from a Michelin-starred restaurant. The experience is probably close to having a fine instrument hand crafted for you, (those of you who own a Bourgeois Slope D guitar may speak now!). Don’t confuse professional with stiff or pretentious. Felix, Jon and Jon know how to be confident, correct and relaxed at the same time. This seems to be their natural state-of-mind. No, it doesn’t feel like a performance act. Impressive.

I expected to pay a premium. I didn’t expect to be this impressed.
I didn’t expect to walk out of Frantzén/Lindberg very satisfied and with a feeling of gratitude. If there could be a six-star rating, I’d use it now. One of my top ten meals ever. Possibly even in the top five. Thanks guys. See you soon.

ADDITIONAL NOTE 2010-03-16: Today, Frantzén/Lindeberg was awarded their second Michelin star. They share this status with only three other restaurant in the Nordic countries. It’s worth pointing out that they get their second star during their second year in operation.

Lilla Nygatan 21
S111 28 Stockholm


Make a reservation at Frantzén/Lindeberg by clicking here.

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