Görvälns Slott
– just outside Stockholm, Sweden ***

Q: What is it? A: A mansion. They started to build it in 1673 and kings and noble folks have partied here. Now, it’s a staycation stronghold for well-heeled Stockholmers.

This is room no. 5, referred to as the Grand Deluxe Mini Suite (sic!) in the southern wing. Bed comes with this funky silver color headboard and there’s (ta-daa!) a Nespresso machine to make SUV-owners to feel just like at home.

No, not all rooms come with a tub. This bathroom belongs to the above suite (no. 5). Have to admit that I didn’t use the tub. This was also one rather chilly bathroom which wasn’t very cool.

Görvälns are boasting a capacity of 38 rooms in total. I have only stayed in the both wings visible in this photo, but there are three auxiliary buildings (located just behind me when I took this photo).

As far as I remember, this is part of room no. 32. If this is what makes you tick, ask for ”the one with golden rococo (or Late Baroque) headboard in the northern wing.” Cosy room that also had a view over Lake Mälaren.

Breakfast at Görväln. Better than dinner. Lately, the hotel has made serious efforts in beefing up the culinary level. A much-needed effort. The kitchen has received several awards but the restaurant still gets mixed reviews. Will soon return with an updated report.

Heavily positioned towards couples who want to escape their children’s ice-hockey practice and Pokémon overnight. You can tell. It’s the ones who park their pieces of German engineering and then seem to be in a hurry at check-in. You know… that kind. In the summertime, expect a few wedding couples to show up – or wedding parties booking the whole place.

Façade of sandstone from Gotland. You’re looking at the works of architect Jean de la Valle, who was in fashion during the 17th century. He is also the dude behind the House of Nobility in the Old Town of Stockholm.

It’s a pretty pretty location. And yes, you may go here by boat. For you good people from abroad: Lake Mälaren is Sweden’s third-largest freshwater lake, stretching from the heart of Stockholm and 120 km to the west.

Possibly one of Stockholm’s most accessible castles.
Hard to say if it qualifies as a castle or a manor house. Castle it says in the name: Görvälns Slott. By car you may get here in 42 minutes, driving from the Royal Castle in the Old Town. This makes this a solid staycation alternative, possibly one of the most well-known alongside Yasuragi Hasseludden. For a ”castle”, it looks pretty non-descript on the outside. On the inside there are heavy rococo headboards, furry lampshades, gilt gesso mirrors, mixed with lamps from Kartell and Flos. If you’re grumpy, you’d say the design lacks direction. If you’re in a good mood, you’d call it youthful and non-stuffy.

Surroundings? Awesome.
In short, the interior is quite showy and is likely to be a talking point among visiting couples. Everything is a little over the top, like you’re walking into a casino or boarding cruise ship. Everything doesn’t have to be minimalistic, but the impression is often like too much cheddar topping has been added. Especially when, like in the case of room no. 5 (see above), the fireplace isn’t working. A few candles has been thrown in to replace burning wood. On my visits, the park hasn’t been green and lush and wonderful. Still, it’s a very attractive 900-acre property on the shores of Lake Mälaren with some sculptures by contemporary artists thrown in for effect. In my book, this and not printed pillows and duvets are the greatest assets of Görvälns Slott.

Cuisine? Upgraded, or so I heard.
Görvälns Slott have been in business since September 2008, so they have had plenty of time to fine-tune their concept. However, the high profile and a price tag that doesn’t excuse itself, hasn’t been reflected in the servings at dinnertime. And for sure, this establishment have been suffering in reviews, despite announcing new executive chefs a few times. For me, an amazing meal here is an experience that is waiting to happen – it is also the main reason behind the rather lukewarm score of three out of five. With the most recent changes in the kitchen, I guess it will soon be time to book in another stay. There are, after all, not too many castle-like mansions around. And Görvälns deserves better, it just has to straighten up and fly right first.

Görvälns Slott
175 46 Järfälla

+46-8-120 002 00

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