Dylan Hotel, Dublin, Ireland ****

Q: What is it? A: A pretty fine place that will make your Account Executive friend feel just like at home in Dublin.

This is room no. 5, referred to as the Grand Deluxe Mini Suite (sic!) in the southern wing. There’s (ta-daa!) a Nespresso machine to prevent SUV-owners to feel homesick.

Just about the same but from a different angle. Bed comes with this funky silver color headboard (no Photoshop-tricks here). If you think the room looks pretty spacious, you’re very correct.

No, not all rooms come with a tub. Have to admit that I didn’t use the tub. Despite floor-heating, this was also one rather chilly bathroom which wasn’t very cool.

Fancy attire area, as there was a wedding at the hotel during my visit. Ask if there are any events booked during your stay. I’ve got nothing against happy people dressed up to celebrate the life event of Fionna and David, but the hotel is not huge. Consequently, any event will make its mark even on your stay.

Note the eclectic style named after the Queen of the neighbouring Empire. Yes, it does blend in nicely. Staying here means leaving the epicenter of things going on in Dublin. Which is good for many reasons. Slightly impractical if you want to partaaay all night.

More quality than excitement.
Before coming here, I read numerous things. ”…playfully cool and modern interiors”, even ”decadent bar”. All that jazz. I’d say this: Very few things in inside this hotel will emit any signals of cool or even contemporary. An odd lamp in your room. An exaggerated mirror in the lounge (see above!) and a. Neither cool or contemporary if you ask me. And the bar looks like someone had a weird uncle pretending to be a designer (images not attached here). The reasons for booking yourself in at The Dylan are more grounded in the basic needs of a traveller: 1) Design-flaws aside, it’s of high quality. 2) The staff is amazing.

Tucked away on a side street.
Now, if you want to get to the Temple Bar district on foot, there’s a 32-minute walk, if you ask the big, non-evil search engine. A taxi to the same spot will be a mere 10 minutes. This being said, you are in Dublin 4, meaning not exactly in the middle of where ‘it’ happens. For some folks, this is just terrible. For me – who rarely walks home on my teeth from a night of bar-hopping – is pretty much what I’d like a hotel location to offer. Also, Dublin is by no means a huge city. It’s about 2/3 of Amsterdam and a whopping 16 times smaller than London. You are more likely to read headlines like Giant Minion Balloon Causes Traffic Chaos in Dublin than to hear about a city in constant commuter mayhem.

A wedding prevented me from a presumably good dinner.
The restaurant at the Dylan has been getting decent reviews (and a few mentions of its massive wine-list), but a wedding prevented me from proving them right or wrong. And this is a rather small hotel, with its 44 rooms. Which means that an event like a wedding will affect you, regardless of you wanting it to or not.
Small-scale also means a high level of attention from the staff. And it means that you will not feel like part of a huge hospitality operation, but like a guest. And that is the primary reason for booking yourself in here. I’ve recommended this hotel to quite a few friends throughout the years, and so far there has been nothing but praise for it. It’s frankly a hotel I will book myself in at again.

4 Eastmoreland Place
Dublin 4


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