Berns Asiatiska, Stockholm, Sweden ***

Q: What is it? A: An institution. The Stockholm nightlife is not complete without Berns. The weekend brunch is also well established among city slickers who want to escape cooking on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you look closely you see the former bank where the expression the Stockholm Syndrome originated after a robbery.

Visible through the entrance of Berns Asiatiska: Berzelii Park, birthplace of the Stockholm Syndrome, (well, almost).

Would today's architects suggest chandeliers like these?

Berns opened its doors August 1, 1863, (big ups to architect Johan Fredrik Åbom).
If created today, those mega-sized chandeliers wouldn’t survive the focus groups.

My messy plate, but 8 o'clock you may spot the squid salad.

The next time I’ll bring a food stylist. This mess is my first round at the Sunday brunch at Berns Asiatiska. In the lower left corner is my favourite: The squid salad.

Instead of scrambled eggs and bacon for brunch…
The brunch must be a restaurateur’s dream; hordes of guests coming in with their culinary expectations substantially lower than usual, paying almost a premium and not even expecting the food to be delivered by a waiter… Just make sure that there are enough scrambled eggs, meatballs and bacon and you’re done. In my opinion, the idea of brunch always tasted better than the food. With this in mind, the Asian brunch at Berns Asiatiska tastes even better. It has been the place to go for anyone prepared to trade cold coffee, toast and hash browns for green tea, sushi and dumplings.

Why an Asian brunch at Berns of all places?
Maybe some people just did their homework properly. In February 1944, Berns opened Sweden’s first Chinese restaurant. Quite a bold move for the time, as Europe was still at war and the establishment had to teach the guests an exotic novelty: Eating with sticks! In 2006 Berns gave their more casual lunch/dinner concept a tweak and since then it has been Asian all the way. Therefore the brunch includes sushi, sashimi and maki rolls; oysters with trout roe and qumquat vinegar, Japanese roastbeef and ika nori, (squid sallad with nori seaweed – you can spot it at eight o’clock on my plate pictured above).

Whatever you do, leave room for the dessert!
Just ignore all those New Year’s resolutions and add a few extra kilometers to your next route. Go panna cotta crazy; lose yourself in a land of chocolate cake and shots of passion fruit. Treat yourself to several kinds of pie, (add some fresh fruit if you can’t stand yourself while looking at the plate). While oozing with calories, you may then ask for the cheque. You’ll soon to find that it’s slightly more expensive to have brunch at Berns, than at your regular hole-in-the-wall restaurant, even if you get quite a lot of bang for your buck. Service can be wobbly, which is ripping another star out of my book. If the staff have a good day, a brunch at Berns is way better than scrambled eggs. And before you complain about the price tag, remember that cleaning those huge chandeliers will take three days. Per piece.

Berns Asiatiska
Näckströmsgatan 8
S111 47 Stockholm
+46-8-566 322 00

There are essentialy two seatings each Saturday and Sunday;
11.30 AM–1.30 PM and 2.00 PM-4.00 PM.
Click here to book a table at Berns Asiatiska online,
(note the different options; dinner, lunch and brunch)!

Berns Asiatiska is located adjacent to the newly renovated Berns Hotel.
Click here to reserve a room through!

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