Gild Hall, Financial District, Manhattan, New York City, NY ***

Q: What is it? A: A fairly well designed hotel on the southern tip of Manhattan. Nice rooms, comfy beds, free wifi and… antlers. They jumped on the antler bandwagon early. Hoteliers definitely have a thing for antlers.

Gild Hall, Financial District, Manhattan, NYC – the entrance
While most of Manhattan is a simple system of coordinates, designed to make life easier for cabbies, some areas come with street names (yeah, just like the rest of the world). That may cause a lot of confusion to your not so knowledgable driver. When you see this, yell ‘Stop!’

Gild Hall, Financial District, Manhattan, New York – bedroom
What do you do if you are building a hotel and that designer guy Jim Walrod says he wants leather headboards? My guess is that you bring up your own leather and pay for those 126 leather headboards and deliver your best hotelier smile.

Let’s take a long, hot Financial District-shower, shall we? Or, do you want to do a number 2, Financial District style?
Let’s take a long, hot Financial District-shower, shall we?
Or, d’you wanna do a number 2, Financial District style?

Gild Hall, Financial District, Manhattan, New York – lobby
So you walked into a store where they were specialized in antler chandeliers? And they had a sale? So, what did you do? Did you buy that… thing? That is NOT coming over my doorstep. You’d better build a hotel or something around it and get it out of my view!

Gild Hall position on Financial District mapThe little red needle is where Gild Hall is located. Close to the Brooklyn Bridge; close to Wall Street; close to communications when you want to get out of there.

I admit it, I was intrigued by the antler chandeliers…
The images showed a different approach to hotel design. It also seemed like an interesting idea, to convert a Holiday Inn hotel in New York’s Financial District into a meeting place, slightly hipper than the usual pinstripe-focused business hotel. Jim Walrod is the man behind the design and he created something that looks special enough, if you ask me. Walrod has been called ”the ultimate design raconteur” by André Balazs and ”a taste maker’s taste maker” by others. The design? London-clubhouse-of the-1970’s-meets-posh-hunting-lodge, (you may thank that antler chandelier in the lobby). Pretty much everything is well thought out and conceptualized and since the Gild Hall is part of the group Thompson Hotels, one shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Sex toys? In a Financial District hotel?
It’s Friday night and the hotel feels rather empty. In the bar, a few stray, loud-mouthed brokers do their best to sustain their refueling session, (I arrive hours after the closing bell). Not in the mood for socializing, I take the elevator up to my Deluxe King Room which is way more spacious than the average New York hotel cabin. It looks nice. The design is rather masculine and it probably fits the intended target group pretty well. Speaking about the target group… I can’t but smile at the luxury “pleasure” items (lube and condoms) from the upscale French intimacy boutique Kiki de Montparnasse. These have been mentioned in countless reviews and articles. I wonder if it’s just a PR stunt or if herds of brokers are checking in to actually make use of the goodies?

It probably won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
Most hotels on the southern tip of Manhattan target business people. As I arrive on a Friday night, most workers have started to make their way home through bridges and tunnels long ago. This is of course somewhat of a downside to the area. Another downside is that the address may not be the easiest to find for the not very knowledgeable cabbies of Manhattan, (they seem to get worse with every year). My non-scientific research indicated that good deals can be made in the area if you plan to stay on the weekend. Also, this being an area for business, there are subway lines taking you to everywhere fast. If you can only live with the lack of after-dark action in the Financial District, you may get more hotel for your money than you’re used to in the Big Apple.

Also, don’t forget, you get those antler chandeliers in the lobby…

Gild Hall
15 Gold Street (at Platt Street)
New York, NY 10038
United States

+1 212-232-7700

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