Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, New York, NY ***

Q: What is it? A: A hotel in the Meatpacking District that fits well into the Meatpacking mould. Attempts at luxury while wanting to cash in on the rather well-heeled crowd that flock the area. Yep, this hotel will sometimes feel more like a nightclub than anything else.

Gansevoort Hotel, Manhattan, the rooftop pool
The pool is tiny but it has underwater speakers and it’s there for the hotel guests. The Plunge bar, on the other hand, is open to the public and be certain that the public will queue to get in. The lines outside the hotel can sometimes be impressive.

Gansevoort Hotel, Meatpacking District, NYC – the entrance
The hotel is located right across the street from Pastis, a New York fixture that has achieved iconic status, not primarily for its steak fries but for being a very relaxed and pleasant bistro. Note the cobblestones. A novelty in this city and responsible for countless broken stiletto heels.

Gansevoort Hotel, Meatpacking District, New York, NY.
The Gansevoort Hotel viewed from the rooftop of a nearby hotel (with pool). Finished in 2004, it was the first ‘modern’ building in the Meatpacking District. 187 rooms and 20 corner suites. Architects: Stephen B Jacobs Group, also responsible for the interior design.

Somebody should put the guys with meat hooks on the World Heritage List.
They are not that many anymore, but if you are an early bird, you can see the meat trucks leaving the wholesalers on their way to restaurants and stores. This part of town is slightly more blue-collar and a little less playground for boutique owners and barflys which is what does the whole trick. Those in charge of the Stella McCartney-store are probably very aware of the importance of the Meatpacking District still being in the meatpacking business instead of just becoming a nice city backdrop for a TV-show.

Book a room, be whisked inside past the velvet ropes.
The actual name of the district is Gansevoort Market. If you would have proposed a better hotel there, people would have laughed at you in 1997 and called for an ambulance in 1992. Now it’s different. The cab stops just across the street from Pastis. If you are a hotel guest and arrive on a Friday night, you will be whisked inside past the velvet ropes and the long line of people. Suddenly, I could smell what it is like being David Hasselhoff. That felt kinda good. I could get used to it.

Yeah, yeah… and what about the hotel’s standard?
It would be an insult to call the Gansevoort anything else than a luxury hotel. The pool measures just under 14 meters and there are underwater loudspeakers to entertain the swimmers. The interesting part about the pool is that it’s located on the 15th floor. The Plunge bar next door, is a very OK place to get intoxicated at, as long as the weather is decent. Breakfast is served on the same floor. A good start of the day. The rooms are of ordinary (high) standard, although you won’t recall ever having stayed in one. Plus; the hotel staff have their good and their bad days. In other words, it’s another of those high standard New York hotels with the expected price tag. If you’re addicted to swimming pools, you’ll find it fantastic. If not, there are other places in the neighbourhood that are way more interesting. And yeah, some of them have pools as well.

Hotel Gansevoort
18 Ninth Ave. (W. 13th St.)
New York, NY 10014
United States

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