The Palms, Las Vegas, NV **

View from the pool area (and the bar called Plunge) when the MTV people had packed their cameras and disappeared.
Look at the rooftop. See the tiny thing that points out on the right? Take a closer look at that. See the speck of white? That’s one of the little attractions at the Ghostbar. A glass floor. When standing there, you’ve got a lot of air under your feet.

The pool area of The Palms – while MTV was filming.
The MTV crew occupying the pool area, trying to get as much naked female skin into
one picture as possible. I had a lot of fun watching their so called tight security in action.

It’s the image, baby!
The picture shows a young man trying to get his hands on a young woman’s private parts. The only obstacle is some see-through lingerie. The visual concept is probably to give the viewer a glimpse of the erotic atmosphere and the headline encourages you to “Get Your Fantasy On”. Err… umm… Maybe. At the Palms there’s no secret that the younger, fertile Vegas visitor is the prime target group.

Stay out of the way, here comes MTV!
A suite at the hotel was the location of season 12 of the MTV “The Real World” show. The same TV channel occupied the pool area from morning to lunch. College boys in short sleeved Volcom shirts and way too much hair gel are trying to do the tight security thing: “I would take that away, Sir… No picture taking, Sir. I can tell that’s a professional camera, Sir.” They are not impressed by my regular explanation “Men snälla, I am a Swedish turist…”

It’s a rather small casino resort.
The Palms has 455 rooms. Nine restaurants. 2200 slot machines. The latter you’ll find everywhere. If you sit down in the bar, you will find the counter covered with buttons and displays shouting “Place your bets!” Yes, you are in Vegas, baby.

The first night I’m squeezing myself into the Ghostbar on the 55th floor. It’s like walking straight into spring break. The boys are like Philippino sailors who just went ashore. The girls are booty dancing and not joking about it. I decide to not participate. As long as you just take it as a lesson in Sociology, it’s quite entertaining.
The Rain nightclub does a better job. Three tight enchelons of bouncers keep the drunken rednecks and the little ladies with white hair away. The ambitious DJ is doing the I’ll-spin-old-skool-hiphop-until-the-roof-is-coming-down-thing. And he does it very well.

Wanna buy a condo?
Since I was there, the hotel has built another tower with condominiums. Targeting small but influential groups, the Palms is offering a few oversized suites with oversized furniture to NBA basketball stars. There are a few strip club themed suites with stages and poles. One comes with a professional recording studio. Maybe something for your next album?

The Palms is not a bad choice if you’d like a glimpse of an American college student’s life. But Gwen Stefani can’t turn this into a classy joint all by herself. Nor can a bunch of NBA-stars. It won’t be classy but it may be the place to stay if you want to partaay. But beware, it’s quite possible that the Palms is contributing to a few more unwanted pregnancies that the other, more mature mega resorts along The Strip.

Palms Casino Resort
4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
United States


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