Hotel Hellsten, Stockholm, Sweden ****

Q: What is it? A: A smaller, more personal hotel, tucked away on side street of Stockholm, yet very centrally located.

The lobby at the Hotel Hellsten
The lobby makes the hotel seem larger than it is. Don’t be fooled, though.
Hotel Hellsten still has only 30 rooms. Which is a good thing if you ask me.

A slightly larger room. And still it’s not large.
In the booking system, this is known as a Junior Suite. Well, OK then…

Time for a bath at the Hotel Hellsten. Small but functional.
Bathrooms are small yet functional and they look good too! The grey slate in
the bathrooms at Hotel Hellsten is imported from the Greek island of Karystos.

So you want to stay at a so called boutique hotel?
In my world, the idea of a boutique hotel is to offer just a limited number of rooms, (no more than 100 rooms, some even say 80 is the upper limit). For a smaller number of guests, the boutique hotel should offer a higher level of service than its larger competitors. An upside to the boutique concept is that the rooms can have more individuality, being designed differently and just be more… well, personal. The Hotel Hellsten in central Stockholm fits that description. It actually fits every single aspect of that description.

One of Stockholm’s least well-known hotels.
Face it, it’s not facing the Royal Castle. You’ll find it on a side street in a 1898-vintage townhouse, located in a central area. Here the design and atmosphere is more on the classic and cozy side, which means that you may forget about uncomfortable Danish chairs or Swedish minimalism. Hotel Hellsten has something else; something warmer and more intimate. The fact that they offer jazz sessions on Thursdays, 7.30-ish, is rather telling. And speaking of intimate, if you request room 1105, you will sleep in what was once an undercover bordello.

There is one problem, though…
In essence, this is a very good hotel where you’ll probably feel disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the city in a healthy way. Also, the staff is really friendly and helpful. In addition, staying here won’t break your bank. This combo is quite unusual. So what’s the catch? Simple. With only 30 rooms, it gets fully booked rather quickly, so plan ahead. If you want to stay in a nightclub, this may not be the place for you, but Hotel Hellsten obviously has other qualities. You don’t even have to enjoy jazz to appreciate them.

Hotel Hellsten
Luntmakargatan 68
S113 51 Stockholm


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