Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Åre, Sweden ***

Q: What is it? A: The first five-star hotel in Sweden that perches on a mountain top.

View from the hill – from the Copperhill, that is
What the 1,420 meter high Are Mountain, (by Swedes referred to as Åreskutan), looks like
from room #502 at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge, reasonably early in the morning. Nice!

A room on the 5th floor at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge. With a view.
A well equipped room if you happen to like video game consoles. Comfy bed. And it comes
with a view too. During the warmer seasons, I bet it’s nice to have a drink on the balcony.

A Copperhill Mountain Lodge room. Big bed. Nice big bed.
I’m literally freezing my butt off taking this pic as I’m standing half way outside, on the balcony.
Well, another picture of that nice, big, fluffy, Copperhill-ish bed wouldn’t hurt this post.

A typical bathroom at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge.
Bathrooms at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge are nice. I bet that some even come
with a bath. This had only a shower, (for some reason, I didn’t feel sorry for myself).

Copperhill Mountain Lodge from the inside.
It has 112 rooms and suites and a rather spacious atrium. American architect Peter
Bohlin is the guy behind the building. The interior is designed by Koncept Stockholm.

Finally, a five-star hotel in the Swedish mountains.
It opened in December 2008. In my opinion, it should have happened much earlier. The entire Åre valley is full of private homes and houses where no expense has been spared – many of them look great and the comfort is beyond words. However, during the last 15 years, hotels in this very pleasant ski resort have been lagging behind, while restaurants have improved significantly. The arrival of the Copperhill Mountain Lodge will raise the bar for everybody. Definitely. On arrival, it feels at least two notches better than anything in the Åre village. That’s a good start.

Noah’s Ark have stranded on top of the Förberget Mountain.
It’s big. It looks like a ship or whale has stranded on that mountain top, 730 meters above sea level. The outside isn’t particularly attractive, although there has been a significant hype surrounding the architecture by Peter Bohlin. Most Swedes would think “Aah, a fellow countryman!” but he’s American-born and his firm is notable for the design of about a dozen Apple Stores as well as the 6,100 square meter residence for the Microsoft-founder, (you all know who). The sizeable atrium is quite impressive; the staff at the front desk positive and welcoming. Very nice. The rooms do not disappoint. Quality is everywhere. But the greatest impression is… (insert drumroll here!) the view.

Wake up and smell the mountain.
Get a room facing west, and you’ll see Mt. Åreskutan towering over forests and ski hills. It’s a pity that the actual ski mountain is rather far away. The slopes in the Björnen area were never talked about for their steepness, although some new lifts have improved access to the rest of the system. The hotel even has its own lift to make it a proper ski-in/ski-out facility.
The developers of the Copperhill Mountain Lodge were of course aware of the location being relatively remote. Consequently, they designed the facility to be self-containing with its own bars, restaurants, spa and (sic!) aprés-ski. In other terms, if you don’t want to ski, you won’t have to leave the place.

I am already a fan of this place.
It is a welcome addition to the Åre ski resort. Still, I am not prepared to give them more than three stars. The staff at the front desk deserve four. Rooms do as well. The view is a solid five. The setback is their “gourmet” restaurant Niesti. It has the ambitions, the menu, the pricetag but lacks in delivery. Also, the clientele tend to be quite homogeneous. Most belong to the same group of people; which in plain writing means better-off families who are likely to be casted for the Swedish comedy “Solsidan”. This means executive-type fathers, well-toned mothers bringing the smell of fresh Arcteryx shell jackets and shiny SUVs. As much as this is a fact, I won’t hold the hotel accountable for it. I promise.

Copperhill Mountain Lodge
Åre Björnen
83013 Åre

+46-647-143 00

Wanna go skiing? Well, then just click here to book the Copperhill Mountain Lodge through!

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