Monty Small Design Hotel, Brussels **

Monty Small Design Hotel – Brussels, Belgium
The exterior of this pretty sad excuse for a designed boutique hotel. A few chairs from Kartell will only get you so far. You folks need a different attitude towards your guests. It’s not very hard. Start with a smile!

Is it the hotel or the city itself? I don’t know. What I do know is that the service level is very Norwegian, no matter if you’re buying a quality shirt or an ice-cream cone.

In theory this place looks good: A pretty good location. Modest size; only 18 rooms. It claims to be a small hotel where the interior design has been given some extra thought. Besides, it’s in the name: “Monty Small Design Hotel.” Also, you’re promised personalized service and good value for money, and the list goes on…

Turning theory into practical work is a wholly different matter. Had this been London, the location would have been Clapham. Rooms have earned their dents and scratches and if going to Kartell to buy some chairs equals interior design, well… you’ll be the judge. Fact is that the staff at the post office down the street treat people better.

You are almost getting your money’s worth (which in this case is not much, but still a tad too much). If the people behind Monty only had lowered their ambitions… Maybe they should change ‘small design hotel’ to ‘small hotel’. Maybe they should try the concept ‘overdeliver just once’. Two things were above average: a) Rooms where squeaky clean. b) They were very fast when calling a cab after check-out. Thanks a million.

To tell you the truth, Monty only deserves one star, but it the experience didn’t come with a hefty pricetag, so… Two stars, because I’m in a good mood today. Next time in Brussels, I’ll stay somewhere else… or I’ll stay out of Brussels.

Boulevard Brand Whitlock 101
Brussels 1200


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