Conrad Brussels, Brussels, Belgium ***

Conrad Brussels, Bryssel ***

Nope. This is not my cup of hotel. Thick carpets. Dark wood panels at the front desk. Brass. Ironed napkins in the breakfast area. Built in 1993 and renovated in 1999. This is a hotel that desperately tries to look like it has traditions along with premium service.

When I arrive, there’s a conference being held at the hotel that the top dogs of EEC is rumoured to love. Are you important? Then you show it by employing the right number of thugs with shades and a discreet earpiece. TV-cameras are pointed in the direction of the most important pinstripes when they sweep through the lobby. The conference is by no means a part of the interior, but there’s a certain logic in the fact that they did choose the Conrad Brussels. If you are not wearing a dark suit or dress, you’re an odd number.

But they know how to do it: Checking in takes no more time than telling about it. The rooms are so spotless that they could be utilized for open heart surgery, despite the carpets. I count to three turn down services during day one. The staff must have been drilled by their sergeant to turn the guest’s stay into a very smooth experience. And they seem honestly friendly. For once, Brussels is showing its serviceminded side.

So, there’s no wonder that the dark suits are enjoying Conrad Brussels. Everything is designed to be hassle free. And it is. That’s why this hotel is awarded with three stars – despite it being quite expensive, too formal, too square and smelling too much like a lawyer’s firm. In short: Quite boring.

Conrad Brussels
71 Avenue Louise
Brussels, BE 1050

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