Restaurang Volt, Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden ****

Q: What is it? A: A new and very ambitious “gastrobistro” in central Stockholm. And they do deliver!

Soon, an image of the Volt exterior will be added right here!

Home made potatoe wedges at Volt, Stockholm
Kick starting the entire meal: Home made potatoe wedges.
Quite spicy, quite delicious but with little nutritional value. Hah!

The wines at Volt – carefully selected to suit the menu.
Left: 2009 Cal Raspallet Improvisacio (Penèdes, Spain). Middle: 2007 Cidre
Cuvée Colette of Etienne Dupont (Normandie, France). Right: 2007 Langhe Nebbiolo
from Cascina Corte (Piemonte, Italy).

The first serving at Volt: Scallops and oysters.
Scallops and oysters with a little bit of dark rye bread and parsley. The oyster
taste sort of dominated this course, which wasn’t a huge hit at first, but together with
the Spanish wine, (Cal Raspallet Improvisacio 2009), my life turned meaningful again.

Appetizer at Volt: White asparagus with nettle, skin of chicken and egg.
The second appetizer but the first superhit: White asparagus with nettle,
skin of chicken and egg. Simple and fantastic. Tell the kitchen I said thanks!

Short loin of veal with mustard, water cress and turnip.
The main course: Short loin of veal with mustard, water cress and turnip.
The meat was amazing but the other ingredients certainly crashed the party.

Wines selected by Volt for the cheese and the dessert.
More wine. This time for cheese and dessert. Left: 2009 Domaine des Griottes
Sauvagonne Anjou, (Loire, France). Right: 2009 Vollenweider Wolfer Goldgrube, a not
so fruity Riesling Auslese, (Mosel, Germany), and that is a good thing!

Cheese time at Volt: Saint Nicholas goat cheese.
Cheese time: Lingot de Saint Nicolas – a very complex, raw goat’s cheese
from Mons, France. Made by monks following a funky secret recipie. ‘Nuff said.

A Volt dessert: Rhubarb, milk pudding, meringue and cardamom.
Rhubarb, milk pudding, meringue and cardamom. A very nice dessert
that didn’t try to attack you with sweetness and sugar. For that I’m thankful.

No espresso at Volt. They’re going filter coffee instead.
Uh-oh… No caffé macchiato at Volt. They’re doing the filter coffee thing
instead. Water was hand poured into the Melitta filter by the waiter. Nice job!

Sponge cake. A surprise served alongside the coffee at Volt.
I did not order this sponge cake! It just arrived along with the coffee.
A delicious surprise that wants to tell you something about this restaurant.

Try to forget about the reviews when you get here…
Now, afterwards, I realise that I arrived with expectations that would be hard for any restaurants to meet. The local press has been spraying their love over Volt since day one. For sure, there are a few things to celebrate. a) The founders are young, creative and have interesting ideas on how to run a restaurant, (I just with that they could have dropped the gastrobistro label). b) You will be extremely well taken care of, (thanks Helena and Johan!) and c) the kitchen will take you on an interesting journey where they manage to avoid the mainstream and most obvious. The chefs have a few ideas that feel like a breath of fresh air. But meeting those expectations? Ummm… read on, please.

If the idea was to create a new kind of bistro…
…then I think the folks behind Volt have failed gracefully. In my opinion, they’ve created is a less pretentious place for fine dining. Forget about that bistro-label. The most bistro-ish thing about Volt is the size of the restaurant! I counted to 36 seats. Add or subtract with 2, if needed. There are already a number of restaurants in Stockholm aiming for the same guests, so I wouldn’t say that Volt stands for something unique. But they stand for a solid delivery, even though they have only been open for a few months now.

I’ll let the images do most of the talking.
I really wish that I had discovered this restaurant myself and not though a heap of excellent reviews. Then I would probably have been even more pleasantly surprised. Now, the bar was raised to almost unrealistic levels even before arriving, which surely has affected this review.
No, I’m not willing to give them five stars just yet – there’s still room for improvement here and there. But along with Restaurang AG, I’d say that Volt is one of the nicest addition to the culinary rooster that Stockholm has seen in a long time. Definitely. Absolutely.

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 6.00 pm to midnight

Restaurang Volt
Kommendörsgatan 16
114 48 Stockholm


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